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Our positioning represents the new connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric services and solutions integrating technology with business, thereby enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise™.



The entire universe has converged into a 2.5” - 4.1” mobile screen of today’s smart phones. Consumers are connected 24/7 to share their views, feedback, ideas and experiences. This has resulted in an evolution of a new world of possibilities with customers co-innovating, consumers sharing real-time feedback and innovative ideas, and market being driven by collaborative networking platforms.

The Mahindra Group has leveraged this potential through its Rise™ movement, connecting consumers with 287,714 users, 3431 followers and 522 ideas approved for funding.



We have moved from ‘Globalization to Localization’, where the world is our home and we are all neighbours, talking over the fence. The emergence of Internet, mobility, social media and networking have erased the boundaries making us a virtual colony.

Events like World Economic Forum (WEF), focusing on the vision of improving the state of the world have become more powerful and pronounced. Our focus has shifted from regional issues to global issues. Tech Mahindra is a strategic partner at WEF, working towards making an impact beyond commercial objectives.



The Connectedness revolution is redefining the usability aspect of Internet and technology. By 2020, each person is expected to own an average of 7 connected devices. Shipments of these devices has already crossed 1 billion figure.

Almost every piece of business is instrumented. Operations are being transformed to be collaborated into the digital ecosystem. Our lives are disrupted allowing more flexibility, convenience and alternative methods.



Industries are demanding more and more sophisticated technologies by the day, that would enable them to reduce costs, improve revenues, improve efficiency levels, better output, improve carbon footprint, management and control.

Connectedness is spread across all industries whether it is Aerospace, Defence, Engineering, Automotives, Banking, Media and Entertainment, Governance, Telecom, Healthcare, Travel and Logistics, Retail, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Tech Mahindra provides solutions and services across verticals with a proven delivery record and expertise.


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Harvard Business School Casestudy

Harvard Business School Casestudy
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