Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Unlock Your Cloud Experience

Date: 22 - 24 August, 2017

Venue: Park Hyatt, Melbourne, Australia (22nd Aug 2017)
            Pullman, Sydney, Australia (24th Aug 2017)

Enterprises are either evaluating the right strategy to adopt cloud or have already embraced cloud. They are exploring ways to optimize cloud usage and cost benefits. The market is flooded with multiple cloud technology solutions with new solutions being launched almost every single day. The most common dilemmas faced by enterprises are:

  • Which cloud model to adopt and which technology provider’s solution to opt for?
  • Will the technology become obsolete soon?
  • Will we get locked in to a particular technology solution?
  • How will we manage the multi-cloud environment and how will you provide a seamless experience to the business and end users?

This is where Tech Mahindra with its systems integration pedigree and focus on next-gen platforms and services comes to your aid. We can help you drive improved Business Velocity through our Cloud Service Offerings. We help you adopt cloud seamlessly thereby enabling you to:

  • Unlock faster migration
  • Unlock the true potential of cloud
  • Unlock cloud vendor lock-in
  • Unlock true IT-as-a-Service
  • Unlock end user experience
  • Unlock digital transformation
  • Unlock new revenue streams

We will help you UNLOCK YOUR CLOUD EXPERIENCE by leveraging our iN CLOUD EXPERIENCE (iCX) blueprint, services and platforms.

Tech Mahindra along with our co-hosts, DellEMC, will bring together leading experts on the topic of Cloud to share their insights on the right strategy to adopt cloud and explore ways to optimize cloud usage and cost benefits.


Dez Blanchfield

Dez Blanchfield

Chief Data Scientist & Seed Investor
Nadiam Pty Limited
Pravin Bolar

Pravin Bolar

SVP & Global Head Cloud Services
Tech Mahindra



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