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Satyam receives SEBI approval

Hyderabad, 22 April 2009: Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE: SAY; BSE: SATYAM; NSE: SATYAMCOMP) (the "Company"), announced today that the Securities and Exchange Board of India (the “SEBI”) had, by letter dated 20 April, 2009 (the “SEBI Letter”), as clarified by a letter dated 21 April, 2009 (the “SEBI Clarification Letter”), granted certain relaxations/exemptions/permissions from strict compliance with applicable SEBI regulations in connection with the process followed by the Company pursuant to Regulation 29A of the SEBI Takeover Regulations to select an investor.

As previously disclosed by the Company, SEBI had previously granted certain in-principle exemptions/relaxations from applicable SEBI regulations and guidelines in connection with the process to be followed by the Company pursuant to Regulation 29A of the SEBI Takeover Regulations to select an investor.

This press release, the SEBI Letter and the SEBI Clarification Letter are being furnished to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on Form 6-K, and are available to the public over the Internet on the SEC’s website at

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