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UNO – Robotic Process Automation

Organisations frequently look to transform their processes and systems to improve the efficiencies and productivity of the teams and, more importantly, the customer experience. However, it always ends up with a huge capex and a larger timeframe. Fortunately, RPA( Robotic Process Automation) addresses this with minimum capex and implement rapidly.

RPA is all about deploying software robots, which mimic human action, in processes with precision & reliability that exceeds human capability. These robots are deployed on typical “robotic” jobs that are manual, repetitive, data & time-intensive, but based on business rules. They are a “virtual”, “24*7”, “multi-skilled”, “secure” & “on-demand” workforce that is governed by IT and run by Operations.

UNO is a robotic process automation solution which helps manage operations effectively and efficiently in back and front office operations, thereby improving average handling time and customer experience.

UNO has two variants - UNO-P, which is powered by our partner solutions Blueprism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath, and UNO-R, which is completely built in-house. UNO-P takes care of back office automations, whereas UNO-R looks after the unified desktop and front office automation.

UNO is part of Tech Mahindra’s CareXa framework, a customer experience framework. UNO improves efficiency by targeting faster and more accurate issue resolution resulting in improved customer experience and lower costs.

Typically in Robotic Process Automation, repeatable tasks and rule-based tasks can be automated by mimicking the actions of humans. These automations run at the UI level of the applications, and do not require any integration with the clients’ IT applications.

Our offerings include

  • RPA consultancy services
  • Build and implement RPA solutions for the contact center back office /IT/IMS service management space.
  • Build and Implement Unified Desktop and automations in the front office operations.
  • Provide operations support for the all types RPA solutions

Back office automation is generally the primary goal of RPA for its significant potential in process automation. The key features include

  1. Full / Partial Automations
  2. Exception Handling
  3. Re-Try of failed requests
  4. User Management
  5. Transaction logs & Audit Trials
  6. Centralized BOT Monitoring and controlling
  7. Reports & Analytics

Front-office RPA provides a complete 360-degree view of the customer, assisted automations, auto sign-on, auto-tracking, etc. RPA doesn’t require integration with back-end applications, and the automations run on the presentation layer.

Front-office RPA 

  • Any repeatable task or rule-based activity can be automated through RPA.
  • It is applicable for any type of operations across all industry verticals and all horizontals.
  • It doesn’t require any integrations with the back end IT applications.
  • It is easy to implement and takes lesser cycle time to implement.
  • It is economical and can improve productivity from 20% to 50%.
  • RoI can be achieved in less than a year.



UNO - Desktop Automation Platform

UNO - Desktop Automation Platform

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Tech Mahindra Unified Desktop

Tech Mahindra Unified Desktop

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Robots are here

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