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As part of our Content Process and User Experience Management practice, Enterprise Integration Solutions (EIS) drives innovation linked to higher performance and growth, through improvements in efficiency, productivity and quality. EIS helps transform a company’s customer experience and operations by automating and optimizing end-to-end business processes

EIS plays an overarching role in our overall consulting and implementation strategy to deliver greater value to our customers. Our EIS practice provides a compelling value proposition to customers by dramatically reducing process cycle times, improving productivity, enabling real-time process visibility and control thereby reducing overall operational costs.

Tech Mahindra views EIS and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) as a synthesis of process improvements, domain knowledge, and organizational change using core technologies for enabling business transformation. The application of right technology, reengineering business processes and also handholding the customer in organizational change management are our key success factors in delivering transformational programs for Fortune 100 organizations.

We use EIS in functional areas of multichannel integration, legacy transformation, contact center management, new business automation and customer relationship management, thus harnessing the full power of EIS technology across Process Management, Content and Document Management, Enterprise Integration and Knowledge Applications to deliver a unique and holistic customer experience.

We comprise a dedicated EIS / EAI practice with consultants certified in different technologies and are one of the largest dedicated EIS delivery practices having alliances with best of breed EIS, BRE and ESB product vendors. Our strong management focus and commitment to lead this space from a thought leadership and delivery perspective enables us to be a key transformation partner for the customers to help them beat the pressures of competition, globalization and consolidation through:

  • Integrating Business
  • Streamlining Processes
  • Enhancing existing capabilities to Future-ready systems

Our practice is differentiated by our ability to leverage technologies in a unique way, creating an environment of collaboration with customers, bringing in innovative ideas and demonstrating an unparalleled ability to execute and transform business processes.

Our EIS projects are business outcome centric. The value is manifested in terms of Higher Quality, Lower Costs, Schedule Adherence, Innovative Delivery practices and a flexible Methodology that allows customer specific personalization.

We partner with our customers in developing robust EIS applications to help them become more responsive to the changing market dynamics and gain higher competitive advantage. A couple of themes that we see emerging are “Total Business Agility” and “Achieving customer intimacy through process efficiency”. EIS (including ESB, SOA, B2B ) supports seamless integration of front and back office processes and multi-channel integration, providing higher customer service levels, better visibility and improved operations.

Process Management,Integration

EIS Service offerings

We help our customers achieve

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced cost by eliminating waste
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced time-to-revenue
  • Improved customer retention levels with the help of effective business processes.

We are the winner of many global awards including

  • Pega Best Sell in Manufacturing – for customer success (2013)
  • Pega Excellence in Thought Leadership Award (2012)
  • Pega Partner Innovation Award (2007)
  • Software AG Partner Innovation Award (2008)

Our Marque EIS Implementations

  • A leading railway major was in the process of increasing the number of trains to cater to the dynamic travel requirements of their customers. They also wanted to scale up to the automated and integrated IT landscape and robust operational business processes to manage existing and new fleet. Their focus was to monitor and control the performances of both internal and external entities that are involved in servicing the customer. We helped deliver a Fleet Management Solution that includes Fleet Control, Presentation Services, Condition Monitoring, Fault and Defect Management, Train Data, Training Management, and Incident Management. Another solution was Performance Management Solution that allows data visibility, planning, monitoring of both external and internal entities. All these resulted in business volume increase by 50% with the same number of staff. Cycle time reduced by as much as 30% and improved control and visibility into business processes through better and timely metrics and reporting.

  • A leading mining company in Australia, had a robust middleware infrastructure that processed more than 20,000 transactions per second with 27 systems, over 200 services and more than 50+ interfaces. This led to higher support cost, poor visibility and rapidly increasing resolution time. Some of the key challenges affecting productivity were long support calls, frequent e-mail exchanges, and ultimately digging through several log files. Hence, there was need for a granular visibility into transactions. FASCIA was used to monitor transactions and alert stake holders as and when required. It provided an end to end visibility of their transactions. Support teams were able to view, monitor and search transactions based on key business data. The user interface provided them with key transaction metadata such as source system, server information, timestamp and payload. At the click of mouse they were able to view all the information related to a transaction that spanning across multiple systems and services.

  • A leading credit rating agency from the US had their operations in silos along with poor data transition and data inaccuracy. They also had manual rating process and this resulted in long turnaround time for ratings to be released to the market. We automated the ratings process thereby providing standardization. This resulted in reducing manual errors by 40-50%. Also, due to Pega implementation, data security was handled well.

  • A leading auto major needed an accurate claim validation process which paid the right amount, eliminated claim variability, and got better and faster data from pre-validation to disposition. We implemented a fully automated and a well-documented rules engine for claim validation process which was easy to maintain and support. We utilized the Pega PRPC (Pega RULES Process Commander) to integrate with other applications and hence rules could be added and modified with minimum impact. This resulted in faster processing time of the claims due to the new business rules engine.

Case Studies

State-Of-The-Art Contact Centers For Enhanced Customer Experience

State-Of-The-Art Contact Centers For Enhanced Customer Experience

An American multinational financial services corporation specializing in retail brokerage that advises, originates trades, manages and distributes capital for governments, institutions and individuals with a standard of excellence needed an integrated architecture that could enhance customer experience at its contact support centers.

Drop-off to Take-off: Integrated through a unified system

Drop-off to Take-off: Integrated through a unified system

Discover how we provided an integrated solution to build a dynamic and world class airport in Asia.

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