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Managed Platform for Adaptive Computing (mPAC)

The next-gen Cloud Management platform

 In this digital era, there is a need for datacentres to become adaptive to the continuously changing business demands. Some of the key trends reshaping the data centres are –

  • Data centers have been transforming from traditional legacy models to an on-demand virtualized, shared resource pools
  • High percentages of server virtualization supported by migration from legacy application platforms
  • Departure of Enterprise Applications from traditional Enterprise owned Data Centers to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud service providers
  • Adoption of Private Clouds for hosting Legacy line of business applications

mPAC is a next level of cloud management platform which simplifies IT by transforming legacy DCs into adaptive infrastructure. It orchestrates complexity and delivers private & hybrid IaaS in response to dynamic workload requirements. It enables integrated performance, availability and SLA management of Applications and Infrastructure across multiple cloud providers

mPAC comes with prepackaged hardware and software services which can be delivered in a Zero Capex model either in an on-premise implementation or on a cloud.

The service portfolio includes:-

Adaptive Infrastructure As-A-Service – These services include Provisioning, De-provisioning, Dynamic Workload Management, Capacity Management, Performance Monitoring and Availability management for following deployment models-

  • On-Premise Deployment
  • On-Demand Cloud Hosted
  • Hybrid with Amazon EC2 VPC
  • Hybrid with Microsoft Azure
  • Hybrid with HP Helion

Adaptive Application As-A-Service – These services include Application Availability, Performance and SLA Management for services running on on-premise, private cloud, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms

Application Migration-As-A-Service - On-Premise to Amazon Web Services, On-Premise to Microsoft Azure, SaaS Migration: (Salesforce.Com, Workday, Microsoft Office 365), ServiceNow, Unix to Linux Migrations

Managed Platform for Adaptive Computing   

mPAC - Managed Platform for Adaptive Computing 

Solution Benefits:

  • Reduced service deployment time from weeks to minutes using mPAC service delivery platform
  • Improved VM density by 30-40% without service disruption using mPAC Dynamic Workload Management
  • Easy to use: 3-5x easier than any competitor using mPAC business visualization
  • Reducing the administrator-to-server ratio by up to 60 percent using mPAC orchestration platform
  • Speeds time to value with out-of-the-box support for multiple IT operations using mPAC adapters
  • Availability of key application services can be improved from 60% to 90% using mPAC Analytics Engine
  • Increase IT productivity with visibility that helps IT find and fix issues 10x faster using mPAC platform
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Managed Platform for Adaptive Computing (mPAC)

Managed Platform for Adaptive Computing (mPAC)

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