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We are a leading Information Security services provider to enterprises worldwide. We specialize in helping our customers implement security transformation plans and maintain an up-to-date security posture in a well-articulated, efficient and meticulous manner, across IT & business functions. Our “Entry-to-Exit” range of service offerings spanning Consulting, System Integration, Security Testing & Security Operations, is designed to mitigate external & internal risks for their current & evolving business processes as well as their IT infrastructure, ensuring security completeness at for all aspects of the business.

Our philosophy is to be a preferred long-term security partner to our customers and help them implement security solutions in complex estates. Over the last 14 years, we have built an experienced team of over 450 security consultants, customised security solutions, and investments in Centres of Excellence to assist our customers in achieving a robust security posture. Our clients benefit from engagements covering a wide risk-management strategy with reducing administration & operative costs and improved efficiency.

Current services

Our value-based partnership approach has been designed to provide our customers with reputation protection, asset protection and compliance. This is achieved through services across the following four categories.

  • Consulting and Compliance services, where we carry out IT Risk Assessments and benchmarking of organizational security against international standards & best practices. We also help design security frameworks, policies and procedures to uplift the security maturity of an organization.
  • System Integration services, where we deploy & customize security products across the application estate and network infrastructure.
  • Security Testing and Review services, where we test the compliance & adherence of enterprise, web & mobile applications to organizational security policies, regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Security Operations and Monitoring services, where we provide round-the-clock management and monitoring services for security infrastructure.

Individual services under these categories are listed in the table below.


Additional detail on key services is available from the links below

  • Consulting & Compliance
  • System Integration
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Enterprise & Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Network and System Security
  • Managed Security Services

Preparing for the future

Security has to constantly keep pace with advancements in technology. As our customers adopt newer technologies to do their business, we invest in developing new solutions or extending existing solutions to provide them with continued security cover for their business activities. Some of the areas where we are exploring new solutions include the following.

  • Converged Authentication:
  • Enabling organisations to provide a superior user-experience for their customers by giving them a single method to identify & authenticate themselves irrespective of the channel they use to transact. For instance, banking customers who have to remember multiple passwords for online banking, phone banking & for branch-based services, can now get authenticated using a single mechanism.

  • Mobile Apps’ Security:
  • With smartphones crossing the boundaries between personal & corporate use, mobile apps that power the ubiquitousness of smartphones are also a key focus for malware. We offer a hosted service that scan mobile apps for the potential rogue behaviour, and our mobile R&D team continues to optimise the detection heuristics to stop even potential zero-day attacks.

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From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

With over a decade of experience, 500 dedicated security consultants, and operations, research and innovation labs across the country, Tech Mahindra can keep your organization secure across all stages of your business.

For further information please write to

For further information please write to