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Identity Access Management

Organizations are increasingly implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to enhance user experience, reduce operational cost and meet regulatory compliance and application security. To succeed in e-commerce industry, organizations must enhance the consumer experience and federate with partners in an efficient, secure and cost-effective manner. To manage users and comply with regulations such as SOX, it is essential to automate and audit user identity lifecycles.

Each legacy application has its own inbuilt authentication and user data repository. Organizations need to simplify application estates through a centralized IAM framework. The framework will simplify user identity lifecycle process, improve user experience through single sign-on, enhance the audit process and facilitate quick application rollouts with lower operational and development costs.

Our Identity and Access Management Services ensure:

  • Fully automated user provisioning that improves the user experience and increase the employee productivity
  • Reduce help-desk support costs and risk of identity theft
  • Enhance the ability to comply with corporate security policies
  • Facilitate seamless access to all applications
  • IAM Consulting Service

    We provide IAM consulting services in the following areas:

    • Analyzing identity-related business and technical requirements
    • Architecting and designing a best-fit IAM solution covering the lifecycle of:
      • Identity management factors such as identity provisioning and de-provisioning, registration, role change events, self care and password management
      • Access management factors such as authentication, authorization and federation

    We architect, plan and support the implementation of IAM infrastructure to ensure enhanced return on investment to our customers.

  • IAM System Integration Service

    We provide full lifecycle deployment of Identity and Access Management solutions that include transitioning from legacy IAM systems, developing workflows, connectors, data migration scripts, and integrating with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Our integration methodology, rollout plans, comprehensive installation and configuration services help speed up deployment time and minimize disruption to existing systems.

    We also develop add-on modules and single sign-on plug-ins for our customers and suppliers to speed up federation.

  • IAM Support Service

    Our IAM Support Service provides a 24x7 Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based support to the identity and access management environment. Support services cover fault and change management, platform management, migration, upgrade, vendor management and policy administration. Additionally, the services cover ongoing small enhancements to the IAM infrastructure, such as the development or modification of connectors and workflows.


From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

With over a decade of experience, 500 dedicated security consultants, and operations, research and innovation labs across the country, Tech Mahindra can keep your organization secure across all stages of your business.

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