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Managed Security Services

Organizations are increasingly outsourcing information security operations to telecommunication companies and specialist Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). Customers require cost-efficient pricing, stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) based support, 24x7 specialized expertise and support for a heterogeneous product set.

The increasing competitiveness of the MSSP industry, shortage of skilled security analysts and high operational costs have limited the scaling and service expansion plans of most MSSPs. We provide a remote, fully-managed, white-labeled Security Operation Center (SOC) that enables MSSPs to rapidly set up an alternate SOC with reduced operations costs. The SOC will support on-demand scalability, expand the service set and enhance geographic footprint.

Our Managed Security Service assists you to run and globalize a successful MSSP business based on:

  • 50 percent reduction in security operation cost to boost profitability
  • Re-use existing MSSP Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) investment
  • Expand product portfolio to enable larger deal sizes
  • Flexible ramp up and ramp down of the security analyst team

Our Managed Security Services offerings include:

  • Professional Services

    Our professional services enable MSSPs to set up and operate SOCs. In addition, our services will enable MSSPs to augment existing security teams for project management and enhance the support, maintenance and system integration during service transformations.

  • Remote Security Operation Center

    Our SOC services will enable us to set up and run a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 remote SOC on a 24x7 and 365 days support. Using the SOC we can provide IT security management and monitor services with the existing technology infrastructure of the MSSP. Transition and operations are undertaken using our proven Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based master framework to support back-to-back customer SLA and product vendor management.

Remote Security
A typical remote SOC setup, the connectivity with MSSP SOC and MSSP global customer base Service Portfolio
A typical service portfolio and representative technology capability


From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

With over a decade of experience, 500 dedicated security consultants, and operations, research and innovation labs across the country, Tech Mahindra can keep your organization secure across all stages of your business.

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