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Security Governance Compliance

With the exponential increase in digitization of information, regulators have opted for stringent data privacy and fraud prevention measures. Customers have become increasingly conscious of data security, and direct the organizations to include Information Security (IS) as cost of doing business.

Most large organizations have security and business continuity systems and process in place. These systems have grown over time and have been influenced by the perception of security among different function owners. New regulations have built another layer of patchwork for risk compliance

Since security systems have become expensive to maintain, they are inconsistent across the organizations and are not fully compliant to best practices. Alignment of existing security processes with broader organizational initiatives such as Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) requires more effort and investment.

We have comprehensive suite of Security Governance, and Risk and Compliance services that assist organizations to review the security framework and the operational controls and to continuously assess and manage the security level.

Our Security Governance and Compliance Services ensure that your organizations security framework is aligned to the business objectives. Our services will help organizations to achieve:

  • Unified assessment for security, business continuity and information technology service management
  • Smooth integration of Security framework with the information technology and business initiatives
  • Certification to international standards such as International Organization for Standardizations ISO 27001

Our Security Governance and Compliance services include the following:

  • Security Assessment Services
  • The Security Assessment Service provides a complete view of the organizations security through a holistic assessment of security processes. Our services benchmark the existing state of the organizations security posture against the industry best practices and the desired level of protection based on the risk profile.

  • Information Security Assessment
  • Our Information Security (IS) Assessment provides a comprehensive view on the current state of the organizations security posture. Existing security processes are assessed for adequacy and operational effectiveness. The scope of assessment encompasses analyzing applicable security controls for critical business processes, IT operations, outsourcing, business continuity, network and applications.

    The assessment is carried out following the industry’s best practices and standards such as ISO 27002, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for in-depth coverage of all aspects. A security profile is generated comprising of the strengths and weaknesses in each security process across the organization. We provide a report of the identified security vulnerabilities and process gaps, prioritized by the business impact, and with appropriate recommendations.

  • Information Security Audits
  • The Audit Service focuses on the risk compliance aspects of security. It covers the regulatory compliances, adherence to internal policies and procedures, second party vendor audits, readiness checks for certifications, standards such as ISO 27001 and compliances such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI). The audit findings help organizations to identify the compliance level and areas of improvement.

  • Information Risk Assessment
  • The Risk Assessment service identifies the potential risks to all critical information assets in an organization. Our service covers all electronic and non-electronic information assets and is benchmarked against the industry best practices such as BS 7799: Part 3 ISO 13335 and NIST. A risk profile shows all high-impact risks with suitable guidance to plan for suitable and cost-effective measures.

  • Security Consulting Services
  • The Security Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting Services helps create and maintain an optimal security framework for the organization.

  • Information Security Governance Services
  • The service assists the organizations in implementing the risk- and- standard- based security governance and management framework based on the industry best practices such as ISO 27002. Our security consultants use a combination of techniques such as assessing security risk, identifying the relevant gaps to in the standards, devising the process and technical control framework, providing implementation, handholding support and final pre-certification audits. Security Governance is implemented by institutionalizing security across the organization through various programs and making it measurable.

  • Compliance Services
  • The Compliance Services enable organizations to prepare for various compliances such as SOX and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Internal Control framework for all in-scope IT assets are developed based on the scope defined by the organizations auditors. We assist in the implementation and testing of these controls.

  • Information Security Support Service
  • Most organizations face the challenge of maintaining the security baseline by ensuring that the function owner adheres to the security policies. We assist customers in managing Information Security (IS) by providing security support to function owners. Our consultants interpret the organizations security policy and work to translate this into functional tasks (e.g. security controls in application design and environments). We also support security and internal audit functions by providing policy and process maintenance and audit support.

  • Role-based Access Consulting Service
  • Role-based access with legitimate authority on organization applications is the most important aspect of IS. Our Role-based Access Consulting Service helps organizations to train the roles and access the matrix for enterprise applications, ensuring proper Segregation of Duty (SoD).


From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

From Entry to Exit:And everything in between

With over a decade of experience, 500 dedicated security consultants, and operations, research and innovation labs across the country, Tech Mahindra can keep your organization secure across all stages of your business.

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