Since 2008
more than 61 million jobs
have been lost
By 2040
there are likely to be
900,000 premature
deaths in india due to
rising air pollution
In 2050
the world must feed
9 billion people
These are real problems, affecting the lives of real people. At Tech Mahindra, we believe it is our responsibility to help find solutions to these world problems, powered by technology.

Code2Connect is a platform where we collaborate with our partners from the world over, to find solutions to human problems, using the power of technology. Simply put, Code2Connect is a global initiative, solving local problems.

The initiative will be launched in Delhi, and our vision is to take this initiative to a global level, across 17 cities, to understand city-specific issues at a grass root level, and provide the best technology solutions to these issues.

Code2Connect can only grow stronger when all of us collaborate. We invite technology partners and industry bodies to join hands with us and drive the change. Together, we can truly take charge of the responsibility we have towards this planet.
Corporates and
Work with us to identify
the real issues that need
urgent attention
Media Partners
Help us build awareness
about the initiative and
spread the word.
Amateur or expert level,
come forward and create impactful solutions