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AQT - Tech Mahindra’s Automation Framework

We are poised at the tipping point of the next industrial revolution where man and machine will work together connected to achieve higher business efficiencies. Automation along with a set of disruptive approaches and technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Autonomics and Cognitive computing are fast maturing and getting to be mainstream in every realm of technology and business transformation. It is quickly becoming the new way of life.

At Tech Mahindra, we believe that driving intelligent automation use-cases using technologies such as RPA, Autonomics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics will be the key to address the needs of our customers and lead them to the digital age. In order to accelerate this vision, we launched AQT (Automation, Quality, Time)™, our Automation Framework that consolidates our automation platforms, practices and tools, to deliver increasing business efficiencies for our stakeholders.

AQT will bring in multiple benefits to our customers by making our deliveries Faster, Better and Economical through the implementation of Intelligent Automation and Automation Thinking. AQT will bring in efficiency across the value chain by impacting our processes, quality, user experience, time to market and cost to deliver.

Tech Mahindra's Automation Framework 

Center for Automation Technologies

Tech Mahindra’s AQT philosophy is realized by a central team, the Center for Automation Technologies (CAT). The CAT team owns and governs TechM’s automation strategy and provides enablement support for all our engagements and deliveries. This team works towards making Automation Thinking a natural for all our associates with an objective to increase automation and the adoption of the platforms and tools in all our projects for greater efficiencies, quicker time to market and better ROI for our customers.

SureSmart - Automation platforms and tools

To enable the vision of AQT to increase Quality and reduce Time to Market through Automation, we have assembled the best of breed technologies and IPs under the brand of Tech Mahindra SureSmart™. The SureSmart, which is a collection of Automation Platforms and tools, promotes increased automation across all our horizontal service lines. SureSmart comprises of both in-house developed and 3rd party tools, with a strong focus on open-source to keep the total cost of ownership minimum.  

Key SureSmart Platforms are:




AI powered (NLP, ML, Deep learning)  applications for Business/IT operations for various industries


Robotic Process Automation solutions for process automation


Application, Infra and network support and operations solutions with Intelligent automation


Swifter diagnosis of faults and single-pane-of-glass view of operations through patented technology Flow2Path and visualizations.


Platform for SAP and Oracle implementations, Upgrade and AMS services


Platform for script-less Test Automation


Predictive Analytics platform for various domains

Automation Thinking

One of the most important aspects of Automation is the transformation of culture and behavioral alignment. AI techniques are expected to bring in huge workplace efficiencies and adoption of these automation techniques requires organizations to invest rapidly in re-training and upskilling the workforce, to create an environment where ‘man and machine can work together’ to improve the business efficiency. Automation Thinking is inculcated through our internal training and certification program.


An essential part of our Automation strategy is to roll out automation and AI technologies in all the projects we deliver. #Automate2Accelerate is the internal adoption program that helps towards this endeavor. Through this program we are working closely with our customers to identify areas of improvement where Automation can result in significant benefits. These identified projects are then equipped with specialist leaders and commandos to implement various intelligent automation opportunities.

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