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Innovation is never just a word it’s a state of mind and at Tech Mahindra we innovate for the future. As a front runner in the industry we have been part of the business impact stories and now increasingly contribute to transformational strategies.

As a valued partner of our customers, we endeavor to create a business situation of optimization merged with efficiency.

Our Innovation aims to be inclusive of all our stakeholders and represent the common good of all sections. Our mission is to empower lives, embrace livelihoods and enhance technologies. Since inclusivity is a part of our overall agenda and inclusion through product, platform and processes is a constant.

We have a six pillar innovation strategy

Tech Mahindra's six pillar Innovation Strategy 


The IRIS (Ideate, Refine, Implement, Shine) program was launched at Tech Mahindra in May 2012 with the aim to facilitate a culture of Innovation and generate new revenue streams in today’s competitive world.  The portal allows all the Associates to share their innovative ideas 24*7 and barring any hierarchy dependencies.

Intrapreneurship Program

Intrapreneurship Program is an Internal Venture Capital program to fund and assist Tech Mahindra Associates, who have an Idea and the leadership to convert it into a business reality.

Innovation with Startups

Startup ecosystem program focuses on drawing and comprehending innovative ideas at work in startups – the niche products they make, the new markets they create and their potential for disruptive innovation and jointly unveil the future opportunities to best serve customers.

Portfolio Management

The aim of the program is to identify Innovative solutions happening within verticals and encourage cross pollination of solutions across verticals so that duplicate efforts can be avoided.

University Collaboration

Engage with educational institutes to develop new service offerings and create innovation culture, incubation frameworks in colleges. Tech Mahindra is engaged with various Management colleges like IISc, IITD, UBC to conduct various market research works.

In-House IPR

Patents, Copyright, Trademark related services for the entire organization where the services include Evaluation, Documentation, Filing , Prosecution, Maintenance and Monetization.



Deep Learning Continues To Be The Hottest Technology

Deep Learning Continues To Be The Hottest Technology
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