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Tech Mahindra and Comptel entered into a strategic partnership in February 2014 with mutually beneficial business objectives.

Tech Mahindra proactively positions and primes Comptel Fulfillment Solutions (FlowOne) into communications providers globally. In these cases, Tech Mahindra owns product recommendation, performs solution architecture and system integration. Likewise, Comptel promotes Tech Mahindra as their preferred systems integrator.

As a part of the strategic partnership, Tech Mahindra invests in –

  • A Comptel Lab for Fulfillment solutions, aided by Comptel
  • Capability Build – a strong pool of Comptel fulfillment experts across delivery units
  • Training center

The lab was inaugurated on June 24, 2014 and is equipped with latest version of Comptel FlowOne Fulfillment. Also, a central pool of Comptel resources has been created to work on deliveries where a Comptel Solution is being proposed.

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