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Solutions Overview

Providing seamless service delivery – From Ground to Cloud

FlowOne is the ultimate Fulfillment and Service Orchestration solution. It puts an end to slow and error-prone flows of order management and service delivery. Communication Service Providers (CSP) wanting the freedom to design and deliver both services and customer-facing operations without friction, while seamlessly orchestrating the entire process from ground to cloud, won’t be disappointed with what Comptel and Tech Mahindra have to offer.

In addition to the regular functions of Fulfillment such as service order management, service catalog, logical inventory and provisioning, FlowOne seamlessly connects traditional business processes such as order-to-activate and lead-to-order. These best practices have been learned from over 130 FlowOne Fulfillment deployments worldwide.

With the introduction of virtualized networking and services enabled by Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), CSPs can leverage new solutions from FlowOne and be well prepared to benefit from much improved agility and competitiveness.


Capturing data-in-motion and using embedded intelligence to refine it into automated, in-the-moment business decisions and actions. The super-facility for intelligent fast data.

The beauty of Data Refinery is going beyond mere data integration towards intelligent data and real-time decision making. It adds and embeds intelligence with advanced machine-learning, reporting and monitoring.

Data Refinery collects, enriches, and processes data into value and actions like upsell campaign lists, alarms, notifications, reports, charging and billing. All delivered in the right format and on time to the right destination application.

With Data Refinery, Communication Service Providers constantly gain data that produces a usable outcome.

Data Refinery 

Embedding pervasive artificial intelligence, prediction and machine learning into other solutions.

Predicting changes in the business environment or customer behaviour and anticipating potential issues in a network has so far been possible through a lot of manual work and not in real-time. Data Fastermind is a data-driven system that takes the guesswork out of the real-time decision-making.

The pattern detection, anomaly detection and recommendations are all performed in real-time. Data Fastermind then combines the fast information with historical information and learns. The automated machine learning algorithms enable continuous learning from the data and the recommended actions at the destination engine only get better. Data Fastermind also feeds enriched information forwards to provide recommended actions.

CSPs can leverage Data Fastermind to be notified if customers – or systems – behave unexpectedly: anomalies will break an expected pattern but they also present extraordinary opportunities to act as early as possible. For example, embedding Data Fastermind with FlowOne could detect anomalies in service delivery or predict potential problems for complex service offers.

Innovating and designing to enrich data, communication and content service offers at the speed of business. The business policy and charging tool set.

The era of one-size-fits-all campaigns is vanishing. This is because the offers have become much more complex, including policy and charging rules, rating, OTT services and covering multiple different subscriptions and potentially networks. Just think about the ultimate offer that contains all the required ingredients such as subscription, rating, QoS, monthly fees, cost control, roaming data package, advice of charge, applications and much more, all in one bundle.

Together with Data Fastermind, Monetizer allows CSPs to launch a number of agile, micro-level long-tail campaigns that are mass-tailored for smaller customer segments.


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