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Stay tuned to the latest news, investor updates, news releases, events, and other updates that take place on Tech Explore this section for more on what an RSS feed is and how you can subscribe for it.

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What is RSS? / What is a feed?

RSS—Really Simple Syndication—is a standard web feed format that enables you to access information whenever it is updated on Tech A web feed is a data format used to distribute frequently updated content to users.

Tech provides you with an option where you can subscribe to our web feeds so that you don’t have to visit our website every time you wish to access key news and updates.

How can I read web feeds from Tech

All you need to have is a feed reader to read feeds from Tech A feed reader is a tool designed to provide a new update every time one of the feeds you’ve subscribed for on Tech, is updated. Google Reader, Newsgator, Feedburner, and Bloglines are some of the feed readers. You can download any of these to your desktop and start reading the web feeds.

How can I add feeds to my feed reader?

You can add feeds to your feed reader either by clicking the relevant links or copying and pasting the link into your feed reader. Sometimes, you will be able to click a button for your particular feed reader on the Tech web page, which guides you to the appropriate subscription page.

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