Connecting objects with the Internet of Things (IoT) is only the beginning. But the true potential of IoT will be realized only with the design of everything – when sensors, networks and platforms are designed to come together to converse and correlate. When systems are not just integrated, but orchestrated to deliver connected operations and experiences. Like the factory of the future – where virtualization, automation and analytics must come together to enable digital engineering, smart factories, and responsive supply chains. Whether it’s smart cars, care, or cities, experiences must be designed and orchestrated to shape the connected future.
With close to 20 billion connected devices by 2020, IoT technology service spending alone is expected to grow at 17% CAGR in the next five years to reach $143 billion.
Industrial IoT led operational efficiency of 1% across the board is more than $1 trillion market opportunity.
Companies are going to spend $5 trillion on IoT in the next five years.

The number of things connected to the Internet will be more than 5 times the population by 2020. Microchip implants into humans have already started, moving us from ‘Internet of Things’ to ‘Internet of Beings’. IoT has permeated all walks of digital life – from smart homes and factories to wearables and smart supply chains. This is just the beginning; the possibilities are limitless. more

Now that a connected world is a reality, the question is: how can this new world be mobilized to run businesses better? The path to this tremendous transformation will need a disciplined outlook and an innovative spirit. We need an approach that thinks through the possibilities, designs a perfect mix of connections and experiences, attracts users to fluid and seamless transactions and cares to use the insights from ever-multiplying data sets to keep customers engaged and systems running. This requires a fresh and deep re-think around scalable yet lightweight architecture, choice of engineering, and integration platforms for the Internet of Things. These must be complemented by multi-device and sensor testing mechanisms for assimilation of the solution into the greater, connected, digital ecosystem. When things that think, designs that bridge worlds, synergies that attract, transactions that are seamless, and care that is intuitive, the Internet of Things will manifest the unbounded prospects of a connected world.


Achieve extreme automation with solutions like ‘Factory of the Future’ and achieve increased utilization, reduced bottlenecks and predictive maintenance through real-time visualization, synchronized automation and remote monitoring.

Accelerate digital transformation with solutions like ‘Remote Patient Monitoring’ and go from automated to smart, using agile delivery models, production-ready assets and tested process frameworks.

Create new revenue streams through innovative new solutions like ‘Smart Home’

Run Better with extreme automation

Conceptualizing and delivering a perfectly designed IoT solution is an exercise that requires expertise at multiple levels and seasoned technology experience. Tech Mahindra comes armed with all the tools needed to face the challenges of a connected world to get you up and running fast. If the solution required is a generic, industry standard solution, Tech Mahindra provides packaged vertical IoT solutions that can get you going in a jiffy. If custom solutions are what you need, our solutions consulting centers excel in solution conceptualization, business value analysis and solution design. The road to seamless IoT solutions is tricky, but our multi-pronged strategy of end to end data flow and horizontal and vertical integration, focuses on bringing more value and increasing cost benefit to our customers.

Tech Mahindra’s deep enterprise expertise, end-to-end systems integration capabilities and managed services across entire solution stack come together to help you run your IoT solution better.

Change Faster with digital transformation

There is enormous potential for transformation enabled by the ‘Connected Everything’ world. However, keeping singular focus on customer value in a constantly changing landscape is what we excel in. Given the myriad moving parts involved in a complex IoT scenario, it's extremely critical for your IoT partner to have the experience and knowledge of providing a flexible execution model which is change-ready and at the same time modularized for rapid feature delivery. Our accelerators like agile based FOF delivery model and re-usable frameworks for rapid multi-country rollouts are flexible yet robust, to ensure that all aspects of change and customer requirements are met consistently, covering the full cycle from solution design to implementation. We bring our ready-to-use frameworks and assets to bear, providing business process templates, application containers and integration adaptors to further boost time to market. Our deep capabilities in verticals, coupled with the breadth of our technology skills, enables us to orchestrate platforms, networks, sensors and other myriad moving parts of the IoT ecosystem, getting you past the foremost challenges in crafting a scalable, connected IoT solution.

Let our change-friendly agile delivery model, pre-builtassets and frameworks and our knowledge of the business verticals come together to help you change your game faster.


  • • Digital Manufacturing

  • • Manufacturing Execution

  • • Manufacturing Analytics

  • • IoT & Collaboration

  • Virtual design for
    simulation and collaboration

  • Engineering data
    integrated to production

  • Dynamic scheduling,
    decentralized control

  • Plant / equipment
    condition monitoring

  • Predictive
    maintenance & quality

  • Predictive demand IoT
    platform for machine data

  • Cloud platforms for
    data exchange, analytics

  • Augmented
    reality-based HMI

  • Integration across automation,

  • M2M communications

Grow Greater with revenue streams

Mature and well-designed IoT and connected design solutions are fundamentally elastic in nature. They have the inherent potential to extend and expand constantly, creating fresh customer expectations and integrating more and more use cases. Tech Mahindra partners with customers to enable them to take advantage of this growth curve and open new revenue streams in a constantly evolving world. We are perfectly positioned to play this role of a valuable partner and guide. Our expertise in back-end ERP systems and many business process solutions, as well as in IoT, makes us an ideal partner for customers in their digital transformation journey. By leveraging competencies across the Mahindra Group, Tech Mahindra provides a “One Stop Shop” for all verticalized IoT solutions and enriched Omni-Channel experience to our customers, with unlimited potential to grow.

Our E2E solutions capability and rich partner ecosystem across the IoT stack come together with our expertise in conceiving, implementing, integrating and managing the solution to make new ‘connected everything’ solutions come alive, allowing your business to grow to greater heights.

Tech Mahindra helps customers from across diverse industries navigate the complex journey of IoT adoption and transformation by blending innovation, user centricity, technology leadership and process standardization.
A ‘smart vehicle’ solution for a leading electric vehicle OEM in India providing 24X7 connectivity and rapid response for support and revival
200,000 connected devices and real-time monitoring for a multinational electricity distribution corporation improving efficiency and management
Creating a SMART experience for a SMART car

Tech Mahindra’s telematics solution enables a leading electric vehicle OEM in India to offer engaging digital services to its consumers, thus increasing serviceability and providing improved monitoring, control and distress response. Leveraging our multi-faceted technology and industry experience, we designed an IoT-enabled end-to-end vehicle operating and monitoring system for our customers, with a strong focus on reliability and simplicity. more

Through real-time actionable intelligence, controlled by a smartphone app, the solution enables 24x7 remote engagement between the consumers and their vehicles, making the entire user experience simple and intuitive. From performance metrics to health and charging schedules to remote vehicle operation, the solution provides a feature-rich experience for its consumers. Under this easy-to-use interface lies the core technology – fueled by a scaleable and robust architecture – which can manage loads of up to 5000 concurrent users. A smart car for a smart generation, created by smart engineers at Tech Mahindra.

Solar Plants and Performance. Connected.

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Solar Plants solution enabled a multinational electrical distribution corporation to monitor and manage their critical assets – multiple solar plants located across the globe, some in remote locations. The comprehensive solution leveraged our IoT and IT skills, allowing them to remotely monitor, configure and control everything. By connecting 200,000 devices, enabling remote monitoring of critical plant parameters with alerts and notifications, providing real-time data trends and graphs and plug and play device support, Tech Mahindra ensured that the client has a 360-degree view of their plants. more

A IoT-enabled mechanism to adjust orientation of solar panels based on real-time conditions enabled optimal power-generation. Complete traceability for all power produced from panels made production forecasts and performance reports easily accessible. Tech Mahindra established the client firmly on the path to a new business model based on uptime, efficiency and performance, ready to venture into a connected future.

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