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SAP Fiori apps provide a consumer-grade user experience for the most commonly-used scenarios in SAP software. SAP Fiori is the leading UX design for all SAP applications providing a harmonized user experience across on-premise and cloud solutions.
SAP Fiori UX supports multiple devices and form factors, which is ready for mobile enablement

customer needs
Customer Needs
  • Need for digitalization (Mobile) is increasing @ 20-30% YoY.
  • Demand to reduce development effort for various platforms.
  • Demands from business for lightweight and Quick to run Apps.
  • Enterprise processes enablement on Mobile without compromising security
  • Enabling BYOD Policy
customer needs
Business Benefits
  • Process Streamlining and improves productivity
  • Ready to Run apps for different business scenarios
  • Supports Various devices (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)
  • Accelerates the user adoption
  • Reduction of development cost. Write once & Run on any device.
  • Multi-language support
customer needs
  • Fiori Apps growing @ ~300% (YoY) 25 Apps to 1000 Apps in just 4 years
  • SAP has tools and Platform services for Fiori enablement
  • Continuous innovation from SAP on this product portfolio.
  • Fiori is one user experience across SAP products for on premise and cloud
  • Adoption of open source technologies with responsive web design
customer needs
Target Customers
  • 10% of Total HANA demand is with Fiori (Market Potential: ~ 25 billion in 10 years).
  • All existing SAP customers, or new customers who want to upgrade their landscape to latest EhP
  • Customers who want to enable apps on cloud.
  • Customers who are currently using the older SAP UI technology
TechM Advantage
  • Product Development partner for SAP. TechM, a pioneer in Fiori apps.
  • Dedicated Fiori SMEs (on premise & cloud)
  • Many Success stories & References
  • IP Solutions – CAMS on Fiori & HCP
  • Dedicated Demo Environment 50+ demos (on premise & cloud)
  • Expertise in Custom build Fiori & Reusable Repository
  • 120+ Fiori Consultants
TechM Offerings
  • Fiori Factory
  • Fiori Migration
  • Rapid prototyping and POCs in TechM/Customer landscape
  • Fiori Analysis & Roadmap
  • Custom Fiori solutions development for ECC, HANA and S4 HANA
  • Fiori Apps Support

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