Fresh Produce End to End Digital Supply Chain
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Fresh Produce End to End Digital Supply Chain. The Solution provides an End to End visibility of Fresh Food Supply Chain – Real time traceability, Condition Monitoring of Food Products in Transit, and Unified Common Platform for collaboration between different roles of Business Network. Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform FEEDS utilizes different digital enablers like IoT, mobility, Big Data, Contextual Analytics etc., resulting in real time collaboration, transaction, analysis & decision making.

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Customer Reference
  • US Retailer – Considering PoC/Pilot
  • Woolworths – Discussions in an advance stage for Pilot
  • PACT – Discussion in advanced stage
  • Showcased to SAP senior leadership including SAP CEO Bill McDermott
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Business Benefits
  • Improved traceability
  • 15% ~ 20% reduction in overall wastage
  • Optimize Fresh Food Supply Chain
  • Compliance adherence
  • Improved consumer confidence
  • Role based Mobile applications
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Business Challenges
  • High Wastage along the supply chain - Food losses amount to $ 1 Trillion a year across the globe.
  • Lack of real time supply chain visibility & decision making
  • Multitude of Players (Farmers/Cold Chains/Transporters/Retailers etc.) & their back end Systems -resulting in lack of Collaboration & Optimal reaction to dynamic supply chain events
  • No real time Condition Monitoring
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Target Customers
  • Target Market: Americas, EUR/UK, ASEAN,ANZ.
  • Target Verticals –
    Supply Chain & Quality for Retailers, Pharma, Grocers.

    Logistics companies dealing with transportation of food / perishable products

    Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Electronic devices Companies, dealing with perishable, expiring products.
TechM Advantage
  • Platform for multiple players to collaborate
  • Dynamic Real Time End to End Visibility
  • Enables Regulatory Compliance Framework
  • End to End Visibility of Supply chain
  • Certified and endorsed by SAP and hosted on SAP Cloud platform.
  • TechM provides platform license bundled with the product.
Key Features
  • Real time monitoring of freshness of products
  • Forward visibility and reverse traceability
  • Business Process Analytics
  • Flexible design supports SAP/non-SAP
  • Platform licenses bundled with the product
  • Both Cloud and On-prem models supported
  • Voice to text Support
  • Bar Code scanning & RFID
  • Navigators & Maps