Accelerated cloud journey through Lift & Shift approach

Published on April 11, 2018

Maintaining own physical infrastructure and ERP applications on-premise, drains the profits of any enterprise, especially when the infrastructure is approaching the end of the lifecycle. If the on-premise ERP applications are old and built with a lot of customizations, lift-and-shift of infrastructure to the cloud can be a good option. By doing so, one can take the on-premise ERP application to the cloud, replicate it without any major modifications/changes in the usage or functionality of the application, and thereby avoid redesign/upgrade, which might be an expensive and time-consuming process.

By adopting lift & shift method, enterprises can certainly achieve a significant reduction in the infrastructure cost by moving non-production environment, production environment, and DR to the cloud. This could be the first step in their cloud journey where incremental ROI can be achieved by first moving the infrastructure to the cloud and stabilizing the environment before embarking on a standard cloud ERP solution to enjoy the benefits of process standardization and best practices from an application perspective.

However, lift and shift approach is easier said than done. It requires some good bit of infrastructure study, understanding the existing data centre landscape, assessing major process dependencies and application footprints before one can think of moving to cloud. Drawing out the right migration approach which is seamless (big-bang or phased), ensuring positive ROI and business continuity is a critical success factor for any such cloud migration journey. End user experience and proper change management have always been factors driving an ERP implementation. So, when it comes to cloud migration, even these factors need equal consideration and study

With over 50 active cloud clients, over 800 certified cloud experts and rich experience of migrating more than 6000 applications to the cloud, Tech Mahindra is a reliable partner in the ERP & cloud transformation journey for any organization.

Tech Mahindra, with vast experience in providing ERP services on platforms like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft & other mid-market ERP applications, provides a wide array of best practices to ensure a smooth transition. Lift & Shift gives confidence to the clients that their applications can be migrated to the cloud with minimal impact to their business and run as expected. With the right choice of IaaS, TechM assures critical and consistent performance of the system and can help clients achieve maximum return on investment.