• ReLoAD
    Real-time Logistics of Assets and Devices
  • For more information, contact: SAP Competency Head

ReLoAD (Real time Logistics for Assets & Devices) is a cloud based transformative Digital solution for tracking and tracing of assets/devices in real time by connecting different players (Customer, Retail stores, 3PL, service providers & OEMs etc.) in the supply chain of Telecom & Hi Tech industries. The solution enables complete visibility into Supply chain – Both forward and reverse logistics thus enabling better inventory tracking and valuation which in turn will minimize inventory write-offs.

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Customer Reference
  • New offering being incubated
  • Anchor Customer: T-Mobile
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Business Benefits
  • Real-time inventory visibility and reconciliation
  • Quick ROI in write off reduction
  • Enhanced information visibility in forward and reverse logistics resulting in better control
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improve inventory turns
  • Early issue detection and real time decision making to resolve
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Business Challenges
  • High return of devices, increases the write off and financial loss
  • Lack of real time supply chain visibility & decision making
  • Multiple Players (OEMs, Repair Partners, Retailers, 3PLs, etc.) resulting in lack of Collaboration,
  • Inability to track individual device throughout the device life cycle
  • Incorrect inventory reconciliation
customer needs
Target Customers
  • All big/medium global players in Telco and Hi-Tech industry – OEM, Service providers, Retailers and 3PLs.
TechM Advantage
  • TechM’s expertise in the Telco domain.
  • Co-Innovation partnership with SAP for joint GTM. The solution is endorsed by SAP and hosted on SAP Cloud platform.
  • No SAP solution available in the market.
  • TechM provides platform license bundled with the product. No need to buy additional Platform licenses.
Key Features
  • Track & trace with real time financial updates
  • Flexible design supports SAP/non-SAP
  • Business Process Analytics
  • Single cloud platform to connect all stakeholders
  • Platform licenses bundled with the product
  • Both Cloud and On-prem models supported
  • Combination of serialization and Digital technologies