TechM enables clients to speedily transform into agile and connected enterprises in digital domain using the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Automation platform, and GenNext solutions such as Blockchain and IoT. TechM’s ITIL v3.0 aligned Managed Services Model developed for global AMS engagements enables enhancement of IT operations with domain orientation. The company’s Advanced Analytics, NLP and Machine Learning techniques facilitate automation of IT/Business operations.


Services we provide to our customers:

  • AMS Automation / Digitalization through AI and RPA platform

    This NextGen AMS services portfolio combined with indigenous tools with offshoring helps customers achieve faster time to market with minimal business disruption. Highlights:

    • Artificial Intelligence platform for ticket classification
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for all manual repetitive task automation
    • Predictive Analytics for Capacity Management and Incident Forecasting
    • Mapping the organization onto the Digital Maturity model
    • Consulting services to enable organizations to leverage next gen technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality
  • Support Models

    With a repository of automation tools, TechM offers support models catering to varying business demands of a customer:

    • SLA-based service
    • Flexible/ Fixed coverage
    • Output / outcome based
    • Verticalized / Geo based shared service


UNO - Our RPA Platform
Making Operational Transformation faster and cheaper

Tech Mahindra offers UNO as its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution. UNO has two variants UNO-P and UNO-R. UNO-P is our premium offering, which is supported by globally leading RPA tools Blueprism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere and UNO-R is our regular RPA offering which is TechM’’s in-house solution.

  • UNO Bots are “virtual”, “24*7”, “multi-skilled”, “secure” & “on demand” workforce that is governed by IT but run by operations.
  • UNO is applicable for all industry verticals and can leverage the benefits of virtual workforce.
  • More than 50 % of the ASM tasks can be documented into well defined SOPs and hence can be automated using RPA tool
  • UNO or using scripts and Orchestrator tools.
  • Create a central repository of SOPs.
  • Run a focused program to increase the number and quality of SOP with a SOP librarian.
  • Establish a team of Automation Engineers who has the scripts or create Software Robots using RPA tool UNO
  • Prepare a roadmap for automation of all SOPs using scripts and Orchestrators.
  • Drag and Drop feature for creating Bots
  • Every manual activity can be a candidate for replacing by UNO
  • World leading organizations in Telco and Retail adopted UNO Platform
  • Minimal Capital Investment
  • 500+ Bots are pre configured across multiple ERP functionality areas
EPSELON One Solution, Multiple Usage

Epselon tool works on Oracle E Business Suite database and can quickly generate your complete application, database diagnostics and Impact analysis reports. This is a very handy tool to accurately understand the technical customization, Upgrade Impact and can help in AMS transition

  • 100% accurate understanding of customizations
  • Up to 30% effort saving in Upgrade discovery phase with no additional license cost
  • Faster Patch Impact Analysis helps in better regulatory compliance
  • 35+ Reports are available covering all of the below areas
    • Application baseline
    • Custom Components
    • Job Scheduling
    • Database Schema
    • Impact Analysis of DB Objects
    • Impact Analysis of Forms, Reports and Concurrent Programs
  • Accurate and granular outputs
  • Highly Secured. Only scansMetadata and no Transactional data
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Automatic Identification of all the custom components
  • No code migration from Customers’ Infrastructure
  • 100% accurate understanding of customization during transition
  • Up to 30% effort saving in Upgrade discovery phase with no additional license cost
  • Faster Patch Impact Analysis helps in better regulatory compliance
  • OATS integration will optimize testing effort with continuous code quality improvement
  • Accelerate Release Management Cycle. Faster time to production
Configuration Extractor and Reporting Tool

Configuration Extractor and Reporting Tool (CONCERT) will extract setups module wise in in Financials area. It will extract all the setups based on the input parameters and provide output in the excel format.

  • Reports are developed in XML Publisher
  • Each setup will have separate outputs in excel format
  • Report is extracted with ALL parameter by which will generate output for all the setups in the module
  • When report is run from sub ledger modules it will pick setups related to all operating Units (OU) irrespective of the OU to which it is assigned. In GL, it will pick setups related to all Ledgers.
  • Concurrent programs are developed for each module and they are portable to customer environment.
  • Complete automated setup extraction helps in accelerating the AMS Transition Process
  • Output is flexible based on the parameters provided at the time of running of the tool
  • Built by our experts with solid experience in AMS transition process
  • Can be directly downloaded from our repository and setup in customer environment in a few hours’ time
  • Manual effort is significantly reduced
  • No technical expertise is required for installation and running of the tool
  • Useful for knowledge transition and impact analysis of configuration changes
AI Platform with Actionable Intelligence

TACTiX is our platform for Cognitive IT/NW operations leading to Zero-touch and Intelligent Operations based on data insights. Powered by RPA, Analytics, NLP and Machine learning techniques.

  • IT/ Business Operations automation powered by Advanced Analytics, NLP and Machine Learning techniques
  • Uses multiple knowledge sources and feedback mechanism to continuously evolve and improve ticket resolutions
  • Integrates with existing IT Operations, Automation systems to provide human-in-the-loop and autonomous operations solution.
  • Improved Operations Metrics and KPI’s – MTTR, MTTI, RFT and Cycle Time
  • Effort reduction in basic analysis, classification activities, enabling support staff to focus on high value tasks
  • Reduces dependency on SME’s, improves knowledge retention and staff productivity
  • Continuous automation aligned with Lean principles
  • Makes use of NLP and Machine learning techniques to analyze unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources
  • Provides mechanism to gradually enrich the support knowledgebase by consolidating information
  • Service automation using Orchestrators and RPA. 250+ pre-built workflows available for Infra/NW.
  • AI Chabot interface for Self-service scenarios
  • Integrates with existing IT Operations and Automation solutions as needed to provide end to end automation TACTiX
Application Release Automation solution for Oracle Applications

FlexDeploy is a market leading DevOps and Application Release Automation product which standardizes and automates software provisioning, build, deploy, test, and release processes developed by our partner Flexagon and implemented by Tech Mahindra

  • Plugins and Integrations – FlexDeploy’s extensive list of plugins and integrations for both Oracle and non-Oracle technologies replace manual and scripted processes which can be poor quality and costly.
  • Workflow Editor and Execution – Users can easily create, debug, and version the processes associated with provisioning, configuring, building, deploying, and testing applications across multiple environments
  • Build, Continuous Integration, and Artifact Repository – These out-of-the-box capabilities allow customers to anchor their DevOps and Continuous Delivery implementation on one tool, helping to eliminate tool sprawl complexity.
  • Supports both structured and unstructured data at any volume and scale
  • Automate and standardize the provisioning, build, deploy, test, and release lifecycle across environments.
  • Speed Up the delivery of software, better meeting internal and external customer needs.
  • Reduce Errors and lower the risk that deployments fail.
  • Gain visibility into the who, what, when, and where across all environments and applications.
  • Improve team satisfaction by reducing stress and allowing staff to perform more valuable and enjoyable work. FlexDeploy
  • Oracle E Business Suite, FMW and Cloud focused DevOps Platform
  • Wide coverage of Oracle objects
  • Enables standardized and repeatable processes
  • Deployment to Physical, Virtual, and Cloud
  • Increases Visibility & Compliance
Monthly Closure Cockpit
Closes your monthly financial period faster with reliable accuracy

Our MEC Cockpit allows you to monitor issues which prevent Period Close on time. Its objective is to help you to close your general ledger reliably on time, every time!

  • Comprehensive Monitoring of closing tasks: Track closing processes at every stage, including manual steps, transactions, programs, jobs, workflows.
  • Prebuilt and Preconfigured solution which can be implemented in very short period
  • Ownership at various levels: You can assign owners based on ledger, operating unit, and inventory organization
  • Send the complete dashboard based on a filter to the responsible user
  • Notifications: We can configure alerts to the responsible user to take necessary action
  • Period Closing activities are an important activities for any Organization which take about a week time based on the size of this organization, With the use of this solution Senior financial executive can quickly review the progress during the closure.
  • With the Period Closing Dashboard, you can increase user efficiency through centralised monitoring and control and enhanced automation.
  • Along with the period closing status this dashboard show the transaction which would stop period close process.
  • Gives a high level understanding of the financial transactions carried out during the period.
  • 60% reduction in Period closing timeframe
  • Instant notification to task owners for pending activities
  • CxOs can monitor real time status through Dashboard
  • Prebuilt solution. Can be quickly plugged into your financials system
  • No Initial Investment. Opex based model
Data Migration Manager (DM2)
Automated Data Migration solution for Oracle E Business Suite

Data Migration Manager (DM2) delivers Data Migration solution using Oracle Data Integrator which can be used as an end to end data management platform.

  • E2E Traceability for Reconciliation
  • Designed to work with multiple Source and Target systems
  • Complex product mappings and Rules
  • Huge volumes of data can be handled
  • Accelerated Data migration cycles
  • End to end mechanism which includes extract, transform and load into target system
  • Performing multiple complex data verification test cycles which helped in:
    • Data accuracy in the R12 environment
    • Eliminating Reconciliation issues and formulating processes of recording the differences
    • Minimizing the production migration window by identifying the issues during the pre-production phase
  • Profiling and De-duplication helped in eliminating redundant data and ample opportunity to identify and cleanse the legacy data
  • Secured automated solution helped in audit compliance
  • Designed to work with multiple Source and Target systems
  • Single click automated solution with user friendly interface for Mappings, Validations and traceability.
  • Readily available solution for 150+ data entities.
  • 800+ built in Rule libraries for Oracle ERP across modules.
  • Solution is re-usable for any future mergers /acquisitions
Testing Automation Framework for Enterprise (TAFE)
Indigenously developed Testing solution on OATS Platform

Testing Automation Framework for Enterprises (TAFE) is our automated testing solution on OATS platform and integrated with Oracle ERP Applications

  • Excel interface for IO operations
  • Reusable components
  • Testing time is reduced during each new release or patch, etc.
  • Support across global roll outs - eliminates separate execution at different sites by centralized testing
  • Test scripts can be developed once and re used many times in a variety of situations
  • Improved Productivity - Testing time is reduced during each new release or patch
  • Reduced costs & efforts
    • Support across global roll outs - eliminates separate execution at different sites by centralized testing
    • Up to 75% effort reduction during regression testing
    • Costs are reduced by 30% to 50% when automation is used
  • Improved time-to-market - Time-to-market for new products can be reduced by 40-50%
  • Increased test coverage
    • Testing can include the full life cycle, including all customer business events available
    • Supports multiple rollouts, upgrades
    • Up to 70% coverage of core workflows
  • Automated test component generation for Oracle business process testing
  • Optimizes overall Testing Efforts.
  • Readily available for Oracle EBS (R11, R12 & Fusion)
  • Deployable on Oracle ATS (OATS)
  • Comes with Pre built standard test beds
Enterprise Process Integration Catalog (EPIC)
End-to-end Business Process framework as per Industry Best Practice

Enterprise Process Integration Catalog (EPIC) is a comprehensive set of Business Process flows from L1 to L4 level. These package agnostic process flows are developed as per industry best practices and can be readily used to demonstrate the “To-Be” processes and conduct Conference Room Pilot (CRP) instantly.

  • End to End Business Process flows covering below functional areas
    • Sales and Operations
    • OM
    • S&OP
    • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
    • Demand Plan
    • Supply Plan
    • Source
    • Make
    • Deliver
    • Return
    • Finance
    • Record to Analyze
    • Record to Report
    • Procure to Pay
    • Order to Cash
    • Fixed Assets
    • HCM
    • Recruit to Hire
    • Reward to Retain
    • Learn to Perform
  • Accompanied by Narratives for all L4 processes to support the BPO operation model. This is particularly helpful for SaaS offerings
  • More than 1500 Business Process flows ensure complete coverage of “To-Be” processes
  • Helps conducting instant CRP
  • Accelerates the Functional Requirement Analysis time by 20%
  • Reduction in Fit-Gap Analysis time by 15-20% as the EPIC comes with package agnostic Business Processes as per Industry Best Practice. This helps in identifying the gaps in delivered processes from industry benchmarks easily.
  • EPIC is a developed by our leading process consultants using the best practices of industry
  • It not only helps accelerating an implementation project but also stands as a backbone of a SaaS offering model
  • EPIC brings the first of its kind approach in automating functional effort during Requirement Analysis of an implementation project
  • Easily scalable
  • Process maps are as per Industry best practice and is technology platform agnostic
Digisure – Automated Document Management Solution
Convert Physical documents to Digital versions and capture data in Oracle

Digisure is an integrated solution between Webcenter and Oracle eBusiness Suite for capturing data from physical documents using optical character reader and processing them in Oracle ERP to perform certain transactions

  • Best-in-class data validation & matching to ensure integrity of captured data
  • Images can be captured using Oracle's optical character recognition (OCR) tools to pick out text to classify the document or to convert the document to text.
  • The solution can automate Invoice processing orders, remittances, bills-of-lading, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents, proof-of-delivery statements, case files, contracts or any other transactional documents
  • Complete Automation of Invoice
  • Can process up to 250,000 invoices per week, with over 1 billion documents in storage
  • A/P response time can be reduced from 10 days to 1-10 sec.
  • Capable of capturing 75 million images a year
  • Compliance for the Audit requirement
  • Out of Box WebCenter Content Adapter for Oracle EBusiness Suite
  • Centralised Storage of Scanned Invoice
  • Document Capture integration with Content and Oracle EBusiness Suite
  • OCR, Scan, Index , Retrieve and Manage Invoice
  • Search of Invoices from ERP interface


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