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November 28, 2014

Tech Mahindra tests goggles for blind, plans variant for cars

Kunal Bhat, a Tech Mahindra Associate, recently had an 'aha' moment while climbing down a dimly-lit staircase. He bumped straight into a wall, and that set him thinking. "I was lost in thought and didn't "see" the wall.

November 24, 2014

TechM bets on $41-Billion network services market

Mobile network is the future and Tech Mahindra is betting big on it. Over the past two years, Tech Mahindra has focused on service offerings around network management, which has an addressable market of $41 billion.

November 06, 2014

Tech Mahindra at India Economic Summit 2014

MINT speaks with Jagdish Mitra, Head – Mobility & Large Deals, Tech Mahindra at India Economic Summit to discuss how India can meet the aspirations of its young people, the entry-level skill gap and what advice he has for young people

September 02, 2014

Tech Mahindra enters the big league

The information technology sector continues to hold investors’ attention. Tech Mahindra has emerged as a top pick, thanks to the strong revenue momentum and deal wins. The March quarter saw the end of amortisation of revenues from BT, a top client. Despite this, the company's revenue growth momentum has been maintained.

August 17, 2014

Mobile wallet catches on with one and all

Grows 93.5% YoY in volume terms & 120% YoY in value terms to 13.57m transactions worth `437 crore this May. It’s just another office on the busy Balanagar main road in Hyderabad that would go unnoticed but for the long queue of people on its counter. A flex board in front of it screams, “mobile money transfer”.

August 13, 2014

Mahindra ecole centrale to teach engineering through interdisciplinary subjects

MEC is an engineering institute based in Hyderabad through a three-way collaboration involving Mahindra Group, France's École Centrale Paris and JNTU Hyderabad

August 12, 2014

Tech mahindra moving tier

Tech Mahindra Q2 performance likely to get a boost from new deals

August 06, 2014

Tech Mahindra positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Services for Communications Service Providers

Tech Mahindra positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Services for Communications Service Providers

August 01, 2014

Our growth strategy is driven by sectors: C P Gurnani

Even though higher expenses and lesser gains from foreign exchange impacted Tech Mahindra’s net profit, the company posted a healthy top line growth in the June quarter. The Pune-headquartered firm’s CEO and managing director C P Gurnani tells Aditi Divekar that his aim is to gradually improve margins in the next two quarters.

July 24, 2014

Retail sector gains big from Big Data

Mumbai: Three years ago when Shoppers Stop Ltd started its Big Data analytics programme, little did it know that Big Data would lead to big gains. In one of its earliest analytics programmes, the company studied the buying patterns of members of its loyalty programme, First Citizen. Based on the insights, it developed targeted promotions for trousers. This led to around Rs.10 crore worth of additional sales in a three-week period for Shoppers Stop.

July 23, 2014

Tech Mahindra ranked #1 among fastest growing companies in India by Businessworld

If you looked at the macroeconomic numbers,the past two years were among the worst in over a decade.If you looked at corporate results,you would find that the majority of companies reported a depressing picture of both revenue and profit growth.

July 21, 2014

M’sian telecom players looking beyond traditional revenue streams

Mobile network operators (MNO) here are looking to boost revenue streams as they can no longer rely on traditional revenue streams of voice, text and data to generate sustainable income.

July 21, 2014

IT’s gaining momentum

Over the last few years, Tech Mahindra has climbed the outsourcing ladder to become the fifth largest IT vendor listed in India. The company has also been able to make strong inroads into newer segments after Satyam Computer was merged with it.

July 17, 2014

Sky-high ambitions

The aerospace sector in India is growing apace, with private firms becoming global players and an ambitious program to develop the country’s first indigenous large commercial civil aircraft

July 15, 2014

Aéronautique: 480 nouveaux emplois dans la région de Montréal

Quelque 480 emplois seront créés dans la grande région de Montréal au cours des trois prochaines années en vertu d'investissements de Tech Mahindra et LTA Aérostructures, deux entreprises du secteur de l'aéronautique.

July 15, 2014

Exciting Days Ahead for India's IT Industry: Chugh

Manoj Chugh, global head for business development at Tech Mahindra, discusses the prospects for India's tech industry with Angie Lau on "First Up."

July 14, 2014

Tech Mahindra planeja nova aquisição no Brasil para atrair bancos

Busca por sócio no País faz parte da estratégia da prestadora de serviços de TI indiana para que filial contribua com 10% da receita global em dois anos.

July 14, 2014

Prospects for telecom services sector in Africa

With a total company turnover of 3.1 billion dollars last year, Prasad Kotikela Head of Africa at Tech Mahindra joins CNBC Africa to discuss the prospects for the telecoms service sector in Africa.

July 06, 2014

Qatar should become another Silicon Valley

In the wake of one of the biggest financial scams that involved an IT major in India – Satyam Computer Services – Mahindra Group brought a 42.7% stake in the fallen company. Tech Mahindra CEO and Managing Director C P Gurnani tells Qatar Today about the gameplan adopted and how Qatar should leverage its opportunities.

July 01, 2014

Sociologists, linguists on IT firms’ hiring list

Mumbai/New Delhi: Information technology (IT) companies are likely to hire more than 30,000 people—data scientists, linguists, sociologists and technologists—this year, in a bid to reduce the skill gap that has emerged from the need to provide clients with social media, mobility, analytics and cloud, or SMAC, technology solutions in addition to plain vanilla ones.

June 24, 2014

COMPANIES-Growth on Indian way

After the purchase of the brazilian company Complex IT, the IT services Tech Mahindra, plans new acquisitions in the country, focusing on companies that operate in the financial area, data centers and outsourcing of business processes

June 21, 2014

TechM bets on financial services

Tech Mahindra (TechM), the country’s fifth-largest information technology (IT) services company, has put in place an aggressive strategy to win its earlier position in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) segment.

June 20, 2014

CIO Mark Maddocks rewires Cambridge University Press for the future

Many a CIO will testify that modernising legacy infrastructure is one of the largest challenges facing businesses that wish to embrace the latest technology advancements.

June 18, 2014

Innovation: less shock and more awe

How to avoid disturbing consumers with groundbreaking products

June 16, 2014

Will India see a second telecom revolution?

The rapid growth of mobile telephony in India in the last 20 years has been one of India's greatest success stories. In a vast but poorly networked country, the sudden arrival of affordable telephone connectivity helped millions of Indians in more ways than one, impacting individual productivity as well as the country's economic growth.

June 16, 2014

The rise of the new engineer

The country needs a new engineer, one who is a leader, an innovator and an entrepreneur

June 10, 2014

A merger of two CULTURES

Everyone wants an integration to be a success and everyone is impacted by its failure. Sucharita Palepu writes on how an organisation can make it smooth and beneficial.

June 05, 2014

Tech Mahindra will participate in Digital India, says Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani.

Tech Mahindra will participate in Digital India, says Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani.

June 05, 2014

CP Gurnani, MD & CEO in conversation with Axel Thefall, Reuters TV.

CP Gurnani, MD & CEO in conversation with Axel Thefall, Reuters TV.

June 03, 2014

The state of telcos in Asia

Imagine you are watching a TV show and you like the Prada suit that one of the actors is wearing. You want to know where to get it from, and your telco allows you to find out this bit of information that you want.

May 28, 2014

Tech Mahindra positioned as a Niche Player in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Finance and Accounting , BPO.

This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document.

May 27, 2014

$3 BN And Counting

As technology provider for one of the biggest sporting events in the world, Tech Mahindra’s head will be in Rio to ensure everything goes off without a glitch. Four years ago, Gurnani was at Johannesburg, South Africa, as well, when the company provided IT support to Fifa for the first time. That was a success, encouraging Gurnani to be optimistic about Tech Mahindra’s performance this time as well.

May 20, 2014

Pride and prejudice as Satyam marches back to respectability

HARI Thalapalli is well placed to offer tips on survival tactics in the corporate world after a company goes into cardiac arrest for a prolonged period. He’s also an expert on how to emerge from “guilty by association” stigmas.

May 12, 2014

Telecom sector needs equitable tax policy

In the run-up to the election results due later this week, we would be featuring experts from the telecom industry, or those associated with it, talking about what needs to be done to lift the sector out of the doldrums and ways to expand the reach of the technology for a vast majority of the populace still untouched by the revolution. Below is the write-up by Raju Wadalkar, Global Head, CTO, Tech Mahindra

May 11, 2014

Tech Mahindra Plans to Reduce Telecom Dependence With Purchases

Tech Mahindra (TECHM) Ltd., the Indian software-services company that bought Satyam Computer Services Ltd., is considering acquisitions to curb its dependence on telecommunications clients.

May 10, 2014

Why Indian IT companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro are investing in Africa

BANGALORE: India's top software services companies are investing big in Africa, eager to win customers and market share in a continent that is home to fast-growing enterprises and under-developed technology infrastructure.

May 09, 2014

Employer Expectations vs Student Aspirations: What It Takes to Crack a Campus Interview?

'They asked me about everything including my girlfriend, but left out all my course work!' On this episode of Heads Up, we showcase the inside story of what campus placements can be like and what is so frightening about it. Hear from students at the prestigious Faculty of Management Studies on how they got their dream jobs right on campus. Also on the show, prospective employers share their tactics on unnerving students to ensure only the best win.

May 09, 2014

The second coming

Good Morning ! Alright ! It was a busy weekend and busier days anticipated for the media relations team. Coming to the news today, we have a haul of big format stories being published over the weekend.

May 08, 2014

Tech Mahindra’s Ambitious Mission 2015 in Brazil

Tech Mahindra Limited,a leading provider of solutions and services in the Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) industry serving over 500 global customers,including Fortune 500 companies,has expanded its footprint in the Latin American market with its recently acquired majority stake in one-of-the largest SAP consulting provider, in Brazil – Complex IT.

April 30, 2014

Brasil pode triplicar sua exportação de TI em dois anos

Para o próximo ano fiscal esperamos contratar 200 mil novos profissionais de TI , 100 mil estudantes já receberam suas ofertas de emprego." Seria ótimo ouvir esta frase no Brasil, mas ela ocorreu na Índia, país que exporta aproximadamente US$ 120 bilhões em serviços de TI/BPO por ano e gera 11,7 milhões entre empregos diretos e indiretos.

April 26, 2014

$9m overhaul of NH DMV computer system in the works

CONCORD – Nobody really enjoys going to the DMV, but the state hopes that a computer upgrade will at least make the process proceed more smoothly.

April 21, 2014

Our social media strategy is - create,connect and cultive: Indraneel Ganguli, Tech Mahindra

The world's largest social network, Facebook, recently crossed 100 million users in India. Half of India's internet population of 200 million uses Facebook and this provides a big enough audience for companies and brands to tap into. Indraneel Ganguli, Global Head - Brand, Tech Mahindra, believe a social media presence is important to connect with the youth. " Facebook is a great youth....

April 19, 2014

Tech Mahindra Expands Seat Capacity On Strong Profitability

Sujit Baksi, CEO of Tech Mahindra’s Business Services Group, told Business Bulletin in an interview his company is adding 400 seats in a new site either in Clark or Subic within this second quarter. This will expand its existing 2,300-seat capacity operations in its three centers, 2 in Manila (2,000+ seats) and 1 in Cebu (300+ seats), with total employment of 3,200 people since the company started operations here in 2008.

April 14, 2014

The Best Insurance Tech Investments

The insurance industry, as an integral part of the financial services industry, is closely linked to the rapid changes in economy. As the economy grows, the living standards of people increase and as a consequence, demand for insurance increases. With economic activity on the upswing, and reduced catastrophic losses, the combined ratios for insurers have shown improvement over the years.

April 08, 2014

Tech Mahindra working on driverless cars and drones

Its not just US information technology companies such as Google working on driverless cars and drones, home-grown tech company Tech Mahindra is also working on similar projects as part of its machine-to-machine offering.

March 24, 2014

Tech Mahindra looks to grow in Asia-Pacific

INDIAN IT firm Tech Mahindra, which beat market expectations in its recently announced third-quarter (ended Dec 31, 2013) results, is looking towards the Asia-Pacific region to accelerate growth. Speaking to BizIT, Tech Mahindra's Rohit Gandhi said the company's run rate for the current fiscal year was US$3 billion and it hoped to increase it to US$5 billion by fiscal 2015.

March 12, 2014

Buyer Conversations: Cairn India Works with Tech Mahindra to Enable Geotech IT Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) is top of mind, along with security, for CIOs who have a strong level of focus for driving operational excellence. Although the adoption of BCDR has been present for some time in the industry, the change that is taking place has an emphasis on enabling an enterprisewide business continuity plan (BCP) as opposed to siloed processes. This is largely because businesses have never been as connected with their customers, suppliers, and partners, and across different operations of the company.

February 28, 2014

Crafting Digital Enterprises

Building future proof and future ready digital enterprises is the need of the hour

February 17, 2014

For TechM, $5-b revenue is still the goal; hopes to add $800 m through buys

Tech Mahindra has said that its $5-billion revenue target for 2015 is only a stretch goal, but the company seems to have decided not to change the internal target to get there.

Read on BusinessLine

February 05, 2014

Market is in favour of IT sector: CP Gurnani, Tech Mahindra

In an interview with ET Now, CP Gurnani, CEO and MD, Tech Mahindra, talks about their Q3 performance and shares their business outlook. Excerpts:

February 05, 2014

Brokerages raise Tech Mahindra’s target price post Q3 results; stock up 4%

MUMBAI: Most brokerages have increased their price targets on Tech Mahindra after the company surprised the Street by reporting over three-fold jump in consolidated net profit to Rs 1,009.8 crore in the quarter ended December, largely on account of growth in telecom, financial and manufacturing sectors.

February 05, 2014

We will have 15-20 mini CEOs soon: Vineet Nayyar

Tech Mahindra followed its peers in the information technology sector and reported a good set of numbers for the third quarter of FY14.
Vineet Nayyar, executive vice-chairman, talks to Gireesh Babu about the growth and the results. Edited excerpts:

February 02, 2014

From scandal to success: Turning around India's Enron

In January 2009, a corporate scandal emerged that became known as the Enron of India. The chairman of Indian IT firm Satyam Computer Services admitted that its accounts had been falsified, in a case that echoed the collapse of US energy group Enron.

Read on BBC

January 30, 2014

Digital Push Could Bring Big Dollars for Indian IT

But local firms need to beef up onshore consulting teams to compete with MNC's say experts
Digital transformation of large corporations is a multi-billion dollar oppurtunity, helping the companies with everything from supply chain to marketing. SMAC as they are popularly called, will contribute "a few billion dollars over the next few years" to Tata Consultancy Services' revenue, CEO N Chandrasekaran has said.

January 29, 2014

A Leading Analyst Firm Profiles Tech Mahindra Performance Engineering (TMPE) Practice:

Tech Mahindra Performance Engineering recently briefed NelsonHall analyst on its delivery group capabilities.

January 26, 2014

Nayyar: India's IT story intact, to evolve with changing needs

With a bullish outlook on India's IT story and its own hiring plans, Mahindra group’s technology venture Tech Mahindra says its headcount will cross the 1-lakh level in about a year, from close to 85,000 at present.

January 26, 2014

Tech Mahindra bullish on hiring; headcount to cross 1-lakh soon

DAVOS: With a bullish outlook on the Indian IT story and its own hiring plans, Mahindra group's technology venture Tech Mahindra says its headcount will cross the 1-lakh level in about a year, from close to 85,000 at present.

January 26, 2014

World Economic Forum: From Tatas to Mahindras, all looking for right acquisitions

As the WEF annual summit ends here, a large number of corporate leaders including at blue chip firms like TCS, M&M, Kotak and Tech Mahindra say they are on the lookout for potential acquisitions and will take the plunge if right targets emerge.

January 25, 2014

The Role of Connectivity in Reshaping the World

For many of us, the idea of leaving home without our mobile phone or tablet, or having no access to the Internet or to our e-mail, for any great length of time, is unthinkable. In today's tech-driven world, the latest electronic gadgetry -- be it a tablet, smartphone, games console or even wearable devices -- are our constant companions and the new objects of desire for tech-savvy consumers.

Read on Huff Post

January 24, 2014

Vineet Nayyar, Executive Vice Chairman, Tech Mahindra

Vineet Nayyar, Executive Vice Chairman, Tech Mahindra shares his thoughts on the India market potential, the importance of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum and his India Adda experience in an interaction with IBEF at the India Adda at Davos 2014.

January 24, 2014

CP Gurnani, Managing Director & CEO, Tech Mahindra

CP Gurnani, Managing Director & CEO, Tech Mahindra discusses the India market potential, the importance of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum and his India Adda experience in an interview with IBEF at Davos 2014.

January 24, 2014

The engineers of the world must unite to solve the crisis of the carrot

The engineers of the world must unite to solve the crisis of the carrot

Consider the carrot. It is a hardy root vegetable, and when the temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels are right, carrots can last for months and months and months.

Read on Quartz

January 23, 2014

Mr Vikram Nair Managing Director - Europe Tech Mahindra

Vikram Nair at the Indian Adda, Davos 2014.

January 23, 2014

Experts on revitalisation of India as a brand

In a candid conversation with NDTV's Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Adi Godrej, chairman of the Godrej Group, Ajit Gulabchand, chairman and managing director of HCC, and Vineet Nayar, executive vice chairman of Tech Mahindra, share their views on various questions facing India's economy, its currency and the upcoming general elections.


January 23, 2014

Davos: Marketing in a connected world

When we started our careers in the late eighties / early nineties, marketing a brand or proposition used to be relatively simple – do advertising and you are done! However it’s an entirely different world today.

January 23, 2014

Davos: David Cameron needs to realise migrants benefit the UK, says Tech Mahindra boss

The Government must do more to clarify its “inconsistent” immigration policies and face the fact that most migrants benefit the UK economy, the chief executive of one of India’s biggest technology companies has said.

January 22, 2014

Davos: 2014 World Economic Forum

CP Gurnani, CD & CEO, Tech Mahindra talks to Reuters TV at the World Economic Forum, Davos.

Read on Reuters

January 21, 2014

Tech Mahindra comes up with 'solution' to beat food spoilage

Tech Mahindra is launching an integrated machine to machine supply chain management solution that eliminates food wastage, improve traceability and optimise inventories.The company recently launched a pilot project in the US, called Farm to Fork(FTF), which can track fresh produce, meat and dairy products, using telematics,sensors and telecommunication technologies.

January 13, 2014

Tech Mahindra BPO scouts for acquisitions in healthcare, engineering services

The business process outsourcing (BPO) arm of IT company Tech Mahindra is scouting for acquisitions to strengthen its presence across identified verticals, Sujit Baksi, CEO of the company’s business services group or BPO division, told VCCircle.


January 09, 2014

Monetising the Cloud

With analysts predicting a 25% annual growth of cloud computing services between 2013 and 2017, there is every indication that it is the bandwagon the Middle East's channel community should be jumping on. One of the biggest challenges for distributors and resellers entering the cloud arena is adapting to new revenue models. Out go traditional margin measurements and in comes a greater reliance on regular,recurring service billing and proactive software bundling, writes Piers Ford.

January 06, 2014

Strategic trends in Information Technology: 2014

Lowering cost of smart devices and availability of strong 3G & 4G ecosystems built by Telcos in various countries are encouraging trends and most of the enterprises in 2014 would best leverage this opportunity. Enterprise Mobile Appstore Management strategies would be established by CIOs in 2014 to get best out of the mobile initiatives.

January 05, 2014

Tech Mahindra opts digital signatures to counter growing fake hiring scams

IT firm Tech Mahindra is now turning to digital signatures to help job seekers distinguish genuine offer letters from the fake ones and not fall prey to fraudsters.


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