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Radio Frequency Benchmarking

Radio Network Benchmarking is a network testing activity that gives the Mobile Operators, a comprehensive view of its Radio Network performance againt their competitors. By this, the Mobile Operators are able to identify the weak network areas and take proactive measures for improving the network performance that effectively helps them in improving customer experience and retention.

Tech Mahindra provides competitive voice and packet data benchmarking solutions customized to support the needs of wireless operators, regulators, infrastructure vendors or any other agencies required to analyze the network performance.

Salient Features of Radio Frequency (RF) Benchmarking Services

Technologies - Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and Long Term Evolution (LTE)    

Tests Comprehensive voice, data and video tests carried out for mobility, strategic locations and indoor scenarios.

Tech Mahindra uses industry standard state multi-channel, multi-device, multi-technology high-end drive test tools to carry out network benchmarking.

Operator gets comprehensive reports covering KPI values, performance plots and SWOT analysis.

Each KPI is measured and the performance is compared with that of the competitors'. Customized analysis is undertaken to give the operator a better insight of varying KPI values due to dependencies that can be used for root cause analysis and performance improvement.

For example: MOS value being compared with C/I distribution.

Our Experience

  • Benchmarking since 2007

Alliance with

  • Leading RF and benchmarking tool vendors
  • Partners for Fleet and Support services

Multi-technology and, Multi-vendor Tools

  • Leading Benchmarking tools - SwissQual, Nemo, Accuver
  • Post Processing platforms – NQDI, Nemo Analyze, XCAP, Actix


Taking Global NOC services to the next level

Taking Global NOC services to the next level

Network Performance Optimization

Network Performance Optimization
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