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Fulfill Offering

Fulfill helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) by partnering with them in providing network fulfillment services for their enterprise or business customers. The solution consists of three distinct functions:

Network Resource Deployment and Management

  • Requirements gathering
  • Resource implementation standards
  • Resource delivery
  • Budget management and project administration
  • Job risk identification and communication

Network Service Design and Activation

  • Establish feasibility
  • Design solution including creation of network diagrams, configuration files , system updates and allocate specific parameters to services
  • Create service order , track and manage service provisioning in line with agreed policies and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Implement, configure and activate service and carry out end-to-end testing
  • Service recovery and closure of service instance
  • Customers are putting pressure on CSPs to provide communication services at discounted rates
  • CSPs are facing ever increasing challenges in managing SLAs with their customers due to ever changing requirements
  • With networks getting commoditized, CSPs need to put more focus on services to drive higher share of "Customer Lifetime Value"
  • Allocate and install resource including checking of ports, devices on various network elements, reservations and installations. Create resource orders
  • Configure and activate resources spread across core, access and transport networks
  • Manage resource provisioning, track and report
  • Resource recovery
  • Operations improvement and cost optimization
  • Expertise in leading technologies
  • Improved Program management
  • Continuous service improvements
  • Knowledge management and component reusability
  • Experience in legacy and Next Generation Networks
  • End-to-end project management including vendor management
  • Continuous improvement through initiatives in process and quality
  • Complete ownership of outcome
  • Expertise across core, transport and access networks
Customer Services Offered Benefits
Leading integrated CSP in Canada
  • Network service design
  • Test and turn-up of customers’ transport and Internet Protocol (IP) network
  • Provisioning of core network resources
  • Consistently achieved 95 percent on due dates and quality
  • Process unification across regions and products
  • Added new technologies and product changes
  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Reduced cost of service delivery
Leading integrated CSP in Canada
  • Planning, deployment, retirement, project administration of core network resources for customers’ nationwide network
  • Provisioning of core network resources
  • Significant cost savings in network resource deployment and management
  • Consistently achieved 98 percent on due dates and quality
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Reduction in cycle time


Taking Global NOC services to the next level

Taking Global NOC services to the next level

Network Performance Optimization

Network Performance Optimization
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