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Next Generation Service Delivery Solution

The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) solution provides pre-integrated products such as Communication Middleware Platform, Content Management Platform (CMS), Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Transcoding solution. SDP solution enables Communication Service Providers to quickly monetize network through convergence, by bringing 3rd Party applications and content partners and ease information technology integration.

The Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)-based SDP and CMS solution enable the following during the audit of existing network:

  • End-to-end SDP and CMS solution deployment for Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Migration to next generation SDP by replacing end-of-life Service Control Points (SCP) with Next Generation Internet Protocol-based network infrastructure (NGIN)
  • Enablement of innovative application
  • Managed services of SDP solution

Our SDP Reference Architecture

  • Understanding and implementing network or services topology
  • Analyzing existing network or services for performance and bottlenecks
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance parameters
  • OSS Counters and other databases

Application Factory (VAS Catalogue)

  • Developed rich Value Added Services (VAS) catalog for enterprise and consumers segments using service exposure layer
  • Developed partner on-boarding framework that allows Communication Service Providers to quickly on-board 3rd party partners and applications in the eco-system

Technology Enabling Monetization on Long Term Evolution (LTE)

  • Enablement of Next Generation Services such as Voice over LTE(VoLTE), Rich Communication Services, Centrex(RCS), Web 2.0
  • Leverage External Innovation - Wholesales to 3rd party ecosystem
  • Monetizing bandwidth with Service Level - Charging and Policy Management -  Policy and Charging Rules Function(PCRF)


Deliver an uninterrupted flow of video content

Deliver an uninterrupted flow of video content

Presenting a turn key Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solution for service providers and organisations.

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