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IMS- Evolution / Deployment and System Integration

Deployment and System Integration group provides design, deployment, integration testing services and customized solutions to Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Communication Service Providers(CSPs) in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Long Term Evolution (LTE) or Packet Core (PaCo) area.

Deployment and SI group journey in Tech Mahindra started 10 years back with forming a focused group to offer services in VOIP, WiMax and AAA area to our esteemed customers. Over the period offering are matured to provide Deployment and System Integration services in different network areas like VOIP, IMS, LTE/PaCo etc.

Offerings from Deployment and System Integration Group

Solutions, Customization, Services- IMS

Over the years, Tech Mahindra has worked with different TEMs, ISPs and CSPs to provide services and solutions in AAA and Policy Manager area. Below list provides few insights on the work we have done with our customers till date.

  • Service Delivery Centre for Leading TEM
    • Experienced resource pool to support network design, deployment and integration testing of IMS, PaCo solutions in operator network across the globe.
    • Customization and add-on plug-in development to support additional functionality on PCRF as per customer need.
    • Go to market and pre-sales support to the sales team.
    • Design and development of SPR for tier 2-3 operators to reduce on CAPEX investment.
    • Level 3 support for the customization work done by Tech Mahindra.
  • Offshore Delivery Centre for Mediation Equipment Vendor in Europe
    • Diameter stack and credit control application design, development and testing
    • Interop testing with Cisco Service Gateway
    • Enhancements, support and maintenance for the complete platform which includes additional interfaces such as GTP, Alcatel proprietary platform etc
  • Client - a Tier-1 Wireless Equipment Vendor
    • AAA based middleware
    • Push-to-talk over cellular applications
    • MMS, push-to-v application
  • Product Life-cycle Management for Large Service Provider in Europe
    • Enhancement, testing and support of the RADIUS
    • RADIUS applications implementation
    • RADIUS OTP authentication implementation
    • Application migration
    • Enhancement, testing and support
  • Tech Mahindra’s presence around the globe
  • Experience in integration of multi-vendor products in customer lab
  • Vast experience in deploying services - Less time to market the services
  • Re-usable project templates - reduced deployment and System Integration services cost

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