Human-in-the-Loop Data Services
High-quality Training Data for Your Machine Learning Models.

Approach to Data Enhancement at Scale

Our Human-in-the-Loop machine learning services are designed to identify and collect the right set of data for your project goals. We help curate data from internal or external sources and contextualize and analyze it to standards specified by the precise needs of your business.

We provide reliable end-to-end data support—from collection to translation to contextualization, labeling, and annotation. From there, we deliver analytical insights or provide the processed data for use in your machine learning models.

Our Services

Data Discovery

Collect custom data from all public and private sources. An extensive curation and validation process ensures the relevance and absolute quality of the data.

Data Translation

Our global network of language and cultural specialists allows us to translate all data types into any desired language without losing essential subtlety.

Data Moderation

We enable you to strengthen your online reputation and boost efficiency, control, and customer trust by moderating your data in all formats.

Data Contextualization

From straightforward categorization to subtle observations, we contextualize, label, and annotate raw data to distill in-depth, actionable insights.

Data Analysis

Based on relevance, sentiment, intent, and meaning behind your data, we help you derive actionable business intelligence and improve decision-making.

Data Services: The Tech Mahindra Approach

Speech Requirements Analysis.
Speech Collection and Curation.
Translation Transcription and Transliteration.
AI/ML Automated Labeling and Annotation.
Human Annotation and Labeling with Quality Control.
Converting and Automating Ongoing Speech Data Requirements.
Speech Data Moderation.

Support across Several Media Types


Elevate the quality of your voice datasets by annotating and analyzing it and mapping key characteristics.

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Collect and analyze large image data volumes and gain real-time insights tailored to your business needs.

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Our proven analytical approach and multi-faceted processing methods help get the most value from your video assets.

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Ascertain likely facts about the background and intent of the author from even the simplest documents.

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We specialize in extensive annotation and contextualization of your location-rich data to unlock geographical insights.

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Annotated Data Use Cases

Privacy, Protection and Compliance.
Customer Service and Support.
Machine Learning.
Operational Analytics And Support.
Sales and Marketing.

E-commerce Offering

Learn how E-Commerce Offerings analyze the behavior of customers, determine drivers of their purchases and get a greater visibility of their future preferences.

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Product Line


Populii is an annotation and workflow tool that facilitates collecting, grading, transcribing, and annotating data across various media types. Build large-scale training data sets to train your ML models and create custom workflows for your data projects.

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Leading the Way

Human in the Loop for Banking and Finance

Machine learning is gradually revamping several banking operations. It is making inroads into various aspects of banking with increasing use cases

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360-degree Customer Interaction Tracking to Improve CSAT Rate

Analyzing interactions across all communication channels by categorizing customers into micro-segments to offer personalized services

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Annotation Services for Automotive Industry

Tech Mahindra provides annotation services for all media types - images, video, speech, text and maps. Right from speech sentiment analysis to advanced image and video annotation.

Human in the loop Data Services

Our Data Services Group (DSG) delivers high-quality training data across a wide range of use cases for most industries. Here's a short introduction to what we are capable of and our training data annotation services across multiple media types.

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