Speech Data Services
Speaking the Truth at Enterprise Scale.

Unlocking the Intelligence Hidden in Conversations

A few minutes of recorded speech contain more content than seemingly longer written text, revealing vital information about the speakers’ state of mind, motivation, background, nationality, and much more.

Our comprehensive speech data service portfolio ranges from collecting speech data in various situations, languages, and countries, to the people and processes required to annotate it. We have a proven ability to acquire, annotate/analyze, and deliver large voice datasets for the most respected tech companies in the world.

What We Offer

Variety and volume of curated and high-quality speech data.
Accurately localized, translated, transliterated and transcribed.
Properly annotated and contextualized to suit specific client-defined needs.
Managed and optimized by experts who understand enterprise-scale data pipelines.
Efficiently managed workflow with QC monitored at every stage.
Automated insight generation and pre-built workflows for multiple use cases

What We Serve

  • Speech Collection
  • Speech Translation
  • Speech Annotation
  • Speech Insight
Data requirements analyzed by linguists and speech quality analysis
Data requirements validated by ML expert
Worldwide speech data in most languages
Collection supported in multiple environment types
Tooling and studio availability to collect quality data
Indic language expertise
Automated speech-to-text for most languages
Translation services from any language to any language
Transliteration services to suit your specific needs
Human-powered transcribing across all languages
Credentialed experts in most languages and presence worldwide
Annotation and labeling assisted by Zen3 text-based ML Models
Further curation by expert linguists and language specialists
Analysis by quality experts with experience managing large volumes
Annotation on deep characteristics far beyond superficial categorization
High-quality labeling beyond simple sentiment annotation, motivation and other subtle factors
Custom labels and annotation for project-specific needs
Live insight generation customized for your operational priorities

Data Use Cases

Privacy, Protection & Compliance
  • PII Redaction
  • PCI Redaction
  • Other information redaction
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
Operational Analytics And Support
  • Fraud protection analysis
  • Job candidate audio analysis
  • Context-driven audio evaluation
Customer Service And Support
  • Customer care compliance
  • Automated intake for user-submitted videos
  • Voice-savvy process improvement
  • Customer care feedback
  • Analytical insight into video conversations
Sales And Marketing
  • Contact center sales analysis
  • Sales conversation analysis
  • Lead generation
  • Sales representative evaluation
Machine Learning
  • Automated voice data pipelines
  • Natural language voice assistants
  • Smart assistants capable of listening to voice input
  • Customer-facing chat bots capable of speech

Global Expertise, Local Sensitivity

We have the demonstrated capability of collecting custom enterprise-grade speech data anywhere in the world. Working with a network of partners and independent experts around the world, our team collects data for unique speech data initiatives, even those centering on subtle regional and local language variations.

Indic Language Expertise
  • Indo-Aryan
    Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Konkani, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Assamese, Maithili, Odia, Sinhalese
  • Dravidian
    Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam
  • Austro-AsiaticKhasi, Munda, Santhali
  • Sino-TibetanMeitei, Bodo
English Language Expertise
  • European
    British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Yorkshire, German, Spanish, Italian, French
  • American
    Canadian, American, Mexican, Caribbean, Colombia
  • APAC
    Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Australian, New Zealand, Philippines
  • Africa
    South African, Nigerian, Ugandan, Kenyan

The Sayint Experience

Tech Mahindra provides end-to-end support for conversational analytics, powered by and delivered through our Sayint platform. Sayint’s tools drive insight generation in support of core business objectives like improving customer satisfaction, evaluating sales conversations, and monitoring service interactions.

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