Text Annotation Services
Maximizing the Value of Textual Data.

Derive Intelligence from Unstructured Text

Compared to multimedia data types like audio, images, and video, text data can appear deceptively simple to analyze. However, even the most routine textual content contains an incredible depth of information.

Working from even the simplest documents, we infer likely facts about the background and intent of the author. We glean insight not only into the substantive content of the written words, but also their underlying grammar, syntax, and organizational structure.

Unlocking the Value of Text Data

Multi-source, multi-language text data capabilities.
Deep annotation and textualization centered on client-defined parameters.
Optimized management practices overseen by experts with experience running enterprise-scale data pipelines.
Integrated quality control and monitoring at every stage of collection and analysis.
Smart automation and pre-built pipeline templates for unmatched efficiency across diverse use cases.
Nuanced treatment of factors ranging from context to intent, grammar and word-choice.

What We Serve

  • Text Collection
  • Text Translation
  • Text Annotation
  • Text Insight
Client data requirements analyzed by text data specialists
All relevant requirements validated by ML experts
Scanning, document collection, and writing to support original text needs
Collection supported in multiple environment types
Collection expertise ranging from highly technical language to informal slang
Global-reach collection and processing in multiple languages.
Automated speech-to-text for most languages
Translation services from any language to any language
Transliteration services to suit your specific needs
Human-powered transcribing across all languages
Credentialed experts in most languages and presence worldwide
Annotation and labeling assisted by Zen3 text-based ML Models
Subtle analysis by pros trained on the fine subtleties of text data
Ongoing monitoring from quality specialists with experience in managing large scale data projects
Insight on deep characteristics that go far beyond simple labeling and translation
Thorough analysis extending to grammar, intent, word choice, and more
Real-time analysis capabilities which can support customer-and internal-facing services
Elite-quality data processing capable of serving as a foundation for text-savvy machine learning initiatives

Data Use Cases

Privacy, Protection & Compliance
  • PII Redaction
  • PCI Redaction
  • Other information redaction
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
Operational Analytics And Support
  • Real-time analysis of text-heavy documents
  • Automated document processing
  • Analysis of large pre-existing text repositories
  • Smart writing assistance for improved time and accuracy
Customer Service And Support
  • Customer care compliance
  • Automated processing of customer comments, complaints, and reviews
  • A fast review of submitted documentation for lightning fast customer service
  • Fraud protection analysis
Sales And Marketing
  • Text advertisement analysis
  • Collection and processing of social media posts, statuses, blogs, and other high-volume text data
  • Automated selection of the most relevant sales template for each customer or situation
  • Evaluation of communications like e-mails, texts, and sales memos
Machine Learning
  • Automated text data pipelines
  • Virtual assistants that can read and react to documents, e-mails, and more
  • ML tools capable of analyzing and responding to complex text in real time
  • B2C and B2B-facing text processing services

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