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How is 5G led Video Analytics revolutionizing Public/Enterprise Safety & Security

The 5th generation of wireless connectivity, aka 5G, is not just a mere advancement over 4G mobile technology. With speed 100x that of 4G networks, 5G cellular network has the ability to connect all intelligent man & machine. Ubiquitous wireless connectivity of the fifth generation of network brings more than just speed to the table – ultra reliable low latency, multi access edge computing, network slicing, and more. Promising high performance and efficiencies, 5G is set to break new ground, transform user experience, and enable innovative business solutions.

Safety and security being one of the top concerns globally, both public and enterprises, 5G will add tremendous value to camera based analytical solutions.


Camera based solutions require to stream HD quality images/videos to the data centres. With enhancement in analytical capability, end users have started demanding insights to be derived out of these huge data getting generated continuously. A 4K HD quality camera guzzles out 25 Mbps. This data needs to be inferenced at near real to real time thus.

Data says human reference time is 200-300 ms. 4G technology operates ~ 100-200ms and 5g claims 1ms latency. With traffic capacity of 10Mbps per square metre in hotspot area and user experienced data transfer rates up to 1Gbps 5G is thus becoming a game changer in the world of safety & security surveillance.

With 5G ‘s capability to enhanced bandwidth(eMBB) and ultra-reliable low latency(uRLLC) services coupled with Multi Access Edge Compute (MEC), near-elimination of responsiveness (aka latency) will be boost to the video surveillance application. Not to mention the quantum leap of the image quality as 5G promises to support 4k /8K HD quality video streaming.


There is no doubt that every industry, private, public or government will stand to be benefitted from rollout of 5G intelligent network. The technology will impact any solutions under the ambit of camera based real time video analytics. Tech Mahindra along with one of its partners DeepSight AI Labs present to the world a plethora of use cases critical for safety & security of personnel & assets under consideration.

Few of them are :

  • COVID protocol adherence
  • Work place safety adherence
  • Fire hazard alert
  • Visual Quality inspection
  • Perimeter Surveillance & Intrusion Detection


5G's high speed, ultra-low latency, and secure connectivity will enable widespread adoption of video analytics solutions. Implementation of intelligent network would help in the modernization of legacy video surveillance systems, real time data processing, the shift to Edge /cloud, uninterrupted streaming on devices, and more.

Opportunities are endless. As world has begun shifting towards the concept of 'smart' cities ‘intelligent devices’, ‘smart manufacturing’, camera based analytical solutions are already experiencing a rise in demand in the global market. Pandemic has provided much needed boost to the industry with its touch less innovative solutions.

5G would act as enabler to the ever-increasing population's requirement of safety & security. Additionally, the wireless network will make CCTV installations quicker and economical. The cameras will move away from the need for traditional cabling, with no limitation on installations. More and more Drone-mounted and unmanned vehicle-mounted(UAV) cameras applications are being adopted by government & enterprises alike.

With real time data processing capability over MEC, ultra-low latency 5G services are poised to take the world at storm.


Kumkum Datta

Practice Head – Manufacturing, O&G, E&U: 5G for Enterprise

Kumkum is the Practice Head for Manufacturing, Oil & Gas & Energy & Utilities: 5G for Enterprise at Tech Mahindra. She has 23 years plus experience across various Industry verticals of Manufacturing, Engineering Consulting, IT Services, Data & Analytics. She is also the ex-Newsletter editor of ISA, a blogger and likes to spend time learning new technology and gardening.

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