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Business process re-engineering is a modern, tech-driven and systemic way to boost your brand’s technological and operational framework through consultation. Tech Mahindra’s team of highly qualified and experienced consultants help you to understand the process add-ons and upgrades needed to achieve a dramatic increase in efficiency, productivity, and quality. Our approach is dynamic in nature, allowing a business to keep gliding through an ongoing path of continuous improvement while witnessing greater ROIs. The key achievable benefits are:

Improved query resolution and management processes
Proactive customer interaction and order management
Enhance CX through improved IT and digitisation initiatives
Consistent CX through all channels by collaborating across teams

Our Consulting Approach

The key objective of TechM’s consulting exercise would be to seek answers to the below crucial questions with the given objectives: Improve Customer Satisfaction | Drive Customer Experience | Reduce Cost.

  • Performance
  • Alignment
  • Support

How well is current operating model performing on following counts?.

  • Customer Experience

    How are you measuring C-Sat and driving key satisfaction factors?

  • Effective and Efficient

    How effective and efficient are your current employees, processes and systems?

  • Standardization

    How standardized are the processes to drive customer commitment

  • Digitization

    How quickly can we increase CX through improved IT and digitisation initiatives?

Are management systems (organization, performance, etc.) aligned to operating systems?

  • Organization Alignment

    How aligned is the strategy towards customer experience?

  • Right Metrics

    Is the metrics being measured correctly?

  • Governance

    Is governance facilitating the targets?

Could process and organization strategy support the change?

  • Change Readiness

    How change ready is the organization to target C-Sat?

  • Training

    Do we have effective training plans to support our initiatives

  • Continuous Improvement

    Has the firm institutionalized a CI plan?

Our BPR Consulting Framework

Determine the vision, strategy and define value capture metrics

This is aimed at defining the operations vision and strategy. It also defines tangible performance targets required to achieve the business vision.

Formulate the problem(s) and gather current challenges

Involves addressing and defining problems. This is followed by identifying key issues causing them and developing solution hypothesis and key questions for the individual issues.

Perform discovery on ‘as-is’ and collect data to validate hypothesis

Begins with identifying required data and developing a data collection technique. This is a critical stage and if the data turns out to be superficial, incomplete or biased data analysis would be difficult.

Build support for improvement efforts and stay on track

‘Make sense’ of the information collected in the previous step using variety of analytical techniques. This culminates into identifying solutions and designing to-be blueprint with the end-state operational vision.

Define ‘value case for change’ and build improvement roadmap

The roadmap defines programs that contribute value and ROI on their own while building a long term vision. This duality helps to realize business value and make necessary changes.

Analyse, identify solutions and define ‘to-be’ blueprint

Ensuring that every goal is aligned for effective implementation. The organization provides collaboration, leadership consensus and a formal policy for making decisions and guiding the efforts.

Our CI Framework

Business Impact Created

35%-65% faster time to market
25%-55% increased productivity
30%-70% improved quality
40%-60% efficacy improvement rate

Everything you Need to Know

Capability Point of Contact

  • Anil Dakoju
    Principal Consultant, Capability Consulting (BPS)

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