Taking the Nxt Plunge in Your Career: Who can apply?

If you have a professional career gap of minimum 18 months, and a past relevant IT experience for at least 5 years in any one of these domains:

Project Management
Artists who make things happen – successfully initiating, planning, executing, and monitoring projects end to end.
Software Engineering
Designing, developing, and maintaining applications, products/services, keeping end-user in mind
Quality Engineering
Gatekeepers ensuring overall top-notch quality of product/service being delivered to customers
Change agents advocating for clients, brings in innovative strategies to solve complex problems of business/IT

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Expect?

In this fast-paced world of information technology (IT), change is the only constant. And we understand that having been away from work for a while, this world may seem overwhelming. That’s why we have plethora of learning and grooming options available for you. Tech Mahindra provides a robust and inclusive learning infrastructure through our learning platform – New Age Delivery (NAD) and external training portals to its associates.

Upon joining, you shall be provided specialized learning courses through various learning platforms. Our leaders are all set to provide mentoring and on-the-job training through buddies in respective areas of practice. We will ensure that you are not alone in your CareerNXT journey!

You may expect to receive an incredible opportunity to refresh your experience, hone the skills that you’ve developed during your break, and regain a confident entry into the mainstream to Rise and reach new heights.

It’s our commitment to ensure that you will:

  • Be challenged with wide opportunities that would enable you to further develop your knowledge and skills
  • Receive warm and receptive work teams, that believe in a collaborative approach and aims at achieving a purpose-driven objective, delivering a tangible outcome and successful targets.
  • Be ensured to receive an equal opportunity at work and progression, reward and recognition which is purely driven by objective criteria and measurable deliverables.
  • Experience a supportive and collaborative environment while working with our global network of professionals, spread across 90 countries and various verticals/domains.
How Can You Enroll in CareerNXT?

CareerNXT’s key objective is to re-unite professionals with new opportunities, enabling them to resume their career with an accelerated momentum. It’s essential to have at least 5 years of experience in respective areas of work with at least 18 months career break to enroll in this program.

CareerNXT program is an opportunity to join an inclusive team and an organization with purpose. We Rise together by accepting no limits, through alternate thinking, and by driving positive change. Our aim is to provide you with a platform where you can hone your technical skills and other learning acquired during your career. This is just one of the many ways we ensure our workforce is diverse, inclusive, and people-first always.

Where Would Be My Work Location?

CareerNXT is an initiative that would provide candidates with eligible work visa/authorization an opportunity to work across locations in Canada. Candidates may be expected to work from our client offices/client approved locations per their respective working models from time to time.

Provide your area of expertise and basic details here. Our team will reach out to you soon.

Freedom to Explore

If that’s your idea of a rewarding career, congratulations! You have arrived. The promise of giving you more opportunities of connecting, co-creating, and celebrating at work than you can possibly imagine is just the first that we make to you. We provide early leadership opportunities and learning avenues that connect associates’ aspirations to achievements and have made celebrating a way of life at Tech Mahindra by ensuring the seamless blending of life & work.

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