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AI powered chatbots are redefining the interactive healthcare and how pharmaceutical companies connect and engage with customers. While these chatbots cannot replace a doctor, but they imitate a human like conversation, chatbots are increasingly deployed in healthcare as they can assist a one-to-one conversation featuring nurses, clients, patients and doctors. They significantly reduce the burden on medical professionals through personalized interactive consultation they offer for common medical issues and health conditions.

Chatbots are increasingly used in the healthcare and soon, AI- enabled devices will become the primary or first point of contact for primary healthcare in the near future. Pharma industry, can strengthen and benefit in marketing and R&D by developing a Chatbot.

MEDZY Chabot launched in UAE

According to a report, 54% of UAE residents face difficulty to remember to take medications and antibiotics.

GSK launches Medzy, a patient-friendly Chatbot that focuses on increasing antibiotic adherence. Pharma major, GSK has launched Medzy, a UAE focused- Chatbot, short for “medication made easy”, as a result of the research and determined to bridge the gap in antibiotic awareness, that contributes to the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Some interesting facts according to the survey:

  • 54% of people forget or face difficulty in taking antibiotics
  • Nearly about, three out of ten people assume that they should quit antibiotics when they start feeling better, rather than completing the prescribed course.
  • Few patients take double dosage of medications, to compensate the missed dose.
  • Advice from family and friends is considered as a more reliable source of information than visiting a doctor

Considering these factors, GSK has come up with Medzy, an interactive, UAE based patient-centric Chatbot implemented through Facebook to improve patient engagement. It closely coordinates and collaborates with UAE patients, physicians and nurses.

The patient-centric Chatbot provides easy and simple information that is easy to understand. It also provides information related to:

  • What antibiotics are, when and how to take them
  • How do antibiotics work
  • What AMR is, it’s effects, and how to prevent
  • How to care for someone who is taking antibiotics
  • Reminders and alerts for patients taking their antibiotics
  • Dosage and duration of the treatment
  • Formulation and ingredients of the medication
  • Safe disposal and storage
  • How to report in case of side effects

Medzy is dedicated to help and assist patients in managing their usage of antibiotics, which is a simple and practical advice which significantly reduces to slow down the process of AMR. Medzy has helped raise awareness levels and positively impacted patient’s adherence to prescriptions. According to the WHO reports, AMR tops the list as, currently it’s one of the major threats to global health and development. Antibiotics are one of the greatest discoveries by mankind, as they kill and curb the growth of bacteria, to safeguard the patients. While, inappropriate usage surges the process of AMR, wherein certain bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, resulting in bacterial infections that are difficult to treat.

Patient/Caretaker/User Benefits

  • 24x7 interactive interface through Facebook messenger for improved Patient awareness and engagement
  • General antibiotic information and how to use at a single go
  • Minimizes the number of cases of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) by providing reliable information
  • Augmentin alerts and reminders helps patients adhere to medication and complete their course by not quitting the course
  • Avoids occurrence of adverse events (AE) and inappropriate usage of antibiotics.
  • Personalized Self-service