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  • Consequences and reasons for non-adherence
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Patient Access Program

No matter how effective a treatment is, if a patient fails to adhere to the medication, the treatment is incomplete. Non-adherence of medication includes not having a prescription filled, incorrect dosages of medicines, irregular medications, failing to take doses and quitting medication before the recommended course time which don’t yield desired clinical outcomes.

Consequences of Non-adherence

Non-adherence impacts three major elements- pharmaceutical manufacturers, patients, and the healthcare system. Non-adherence is a serious global problem affecting the pharmaceutical and the entire healthcare system. Few consequences of non-adherence includes but not confined such as -Patients experiencing reduced quality of life, higher long-term health costs and shorter life spans.

Pharma companies suffer revenue loss worth billions of dollars, especially for medications used in expensive drugs used for chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical companies on an average lose $8 billion annually, as nearly one-third of all the prescriptions are never filled, it implies that pharma companies literally lose about one-third of their customers before a single transaction occurs. Pharma companies fail to effectively manage the value chain of the sales process and face huge losses besides leaving patients susceptible to incomplete care.

According to the reports from the Annals of Medicines, non-adherence of medication leads to 125,000 deaths, 10 percent increased hospitalizations every year, non-adherence contributes to $50 billion loss in productivity and heavily impacts the potential revenue of pharma industry.

Source: https://bit.ly/2EOueSP

Reasons for non-adherence

Nearly 50% of the people with chronic illness are non-compliant which is a serious problem leading to fatal conditions and reduced sales of drug impacting the brand value. Few reasons for non-adherence to medication are:

  • Can’t get prescription filled or delivered
  • People think they don’t need the drug
  • The Drug costs too much
  • Afraid of the side effects
  • Lack of reminders about the medication

Tech Mahindra’s view to address the problem

We address the problem of medical non-adherence by increasing the demand for the drugs and delivering a range of positive patient outcomes. Tech Mahindra’s has built a unique, patient-centric platform called Connectsense that address all the challenges and provides end-to-end treatment support for patients during the course of treatment.

Our Solution “Patient Access Program” has helped one of our major pharma client to enroll 10,000+ Patients in 8 Languages and in 3 Therapeutic Areas which helped them to reach 90% Medical adherence. Tech Mahindra’s Connectsense Patient Access Program is a holistic patient centric solution offering:

  • Clinical Support
  • Drug delivery and Administration services
  • Educational Brochures
  • Refill reminders and alerts
  • Financial Assistance
  • Adverse Event Management
  • Pharma reporting
  • End-to-end ownership of coordination