Performance Assurance for Tier-1
Telematics Customer in North America
Helped in improving order processing capacity significantly

About the Customer

  • Leader in telematics and automotive technology solutions in implementing the next gen connected services for automobile industry
  • Create intelligent, more meaningful business connections by enabling Internet of things
  • Offers an integrated GPS tracking and diagnostic monitoring system for wireless vehicle management
  • Advanced technology and a set of essential features like Incident Alert, Vehicle Diagnostics & Pinpoint Roadside assistance, Stolen Vehicle location assistance
  • Market differentiator in terms of providing premium services not just to premium brand vehicles but across all automotive brand segments
  • Device keeps you aware of your car’s health, alert notification and can send emergency services if it detects a crash


  • Complexity of the architecture
  • Delay in readiness of the environment & criticality of delivery
  • NFR validation, managing unpredictable demand and manage NF test cycle with minimal impact to overall execution
  • Scripting challenges for component to simulate required load on the system
  • Wide range of skills required across the entire Oracle stack and across other B/OSS components
  • Infrastructure for performance test tool setup
  • Co-ordination of shared test environment
  • Capacity planning to handle the expected user volume growth in future.

Strategy and Insight

  • Performance engineering services like, Peak load tests, Java, Kafka performance analysis & tuning, Database performance analysis & tuning.
  • Scalability test, Endurance test for longer duration.
  • Facilitate Chaos & DR Testing (Primary to Failover site & vice versa)

Strategy and Implementation

  • Performance and Validation Testing for expected load
  • Early / Component level performance testing
  • API Gateway Testing
  • Test data creation & data loading
  • Kafka issues identified like broker went down, OOM due to Kafka not consuming the messages, issues with producer, actor, consumers


  • Improved the TPS by around 80% with the help of performance testing/tuning.
  • Response time improvement by more than 35% for critical transactions.
  • Executed more than 25 rounds of execution and improved the orders processing capacity by more than 400% (from 477 to 2000).
  • Kafka tuning recommendations provided and in turn improved the overall throughput with single container from 400 - 700 TPS
  • E2E response time for processing the order was brought down from 312 seconds to 132 seconds.
  • Provided value add to the customer by setting up robust performance tool infrastructure which is being used for different projects at enterprise level
  • JVM Heap, GC health fine tuning recommendations, worker threads usage, JVM Opts
  • Hardware utilisation monitoring(OS, Disk)
  • Oracle AIA, JVM Heap, GC health fine tuning recommendations, thread usage, Load balancing

TechM Advantage

  • Expertise in implementing high quality performance testing solutions meeting customer business needs as per agreed timelines.
  • Experience in deep dive analysis to detect the application issues/performance bottlenecks
  • Experience in delivering value based solutions to customers in IoT by adopting best practices

Business Benefits

  • Certified the system by generating realistic production like load from all the different systems, which gave confidence to the customer for deploying it in production.
  • Early/component performance testing helped customer by identifying issues early in the life cycle.
  • Peak load tests to simulate & identify the right infra-structure size which avoided over sizing and saved a lot of cost
  • Helped in identifying the scalability and availability of the environment by enabling auto scaling feature for peak load and endurance tests
  • lanned 2X, peak load tests to effectively plan for the expected user volume growth in future

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