Mahindra Group Donates 3 Oxygen Plants and 12 Ambulances in Telangana
Tech Mahindra Foundation Donates 20 Ambulances to Charitable Hospitals across India
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Tech Mahindra Plans to Begin Trials for COVID-19 Drug in 3-4 Months
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Resolve to RISE
Our COVID-19 Response
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World Economic Forum reports on Tech Mahindra's fight against COVID-19
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Our COVID-19 Response

Stories of Gratitude from Our Associates and Families

Hear our associates and their families express gratitude for the acts of kindness they experienced
WATCH: Story of Aadarsh Rajappan from Hyderabad
WATCH: Story of Soumyaranjan from Bhubaneshwar
WATCH: Story of Ujjwal and Shabnam from Noida
WATCH: Story of Nagesh from Pune
WATCH: Story of Mukesh Sharma from China
WATCH: Story of Ruchika Chauhan from Noida
WATCH: Story of Kaushik Ganguly from Mumbai

#ResolvetoRISE: Saluting Our COVID-19 Superheroes

Read about the relentless spirit of TechMighties during these challenging times

Rishab Pathak’s Exceptional Support

Our COVID support team received a call from an associate’s family as they were in dire need of an oxygen cylinder.

Rishab took the initiative to helped them connect with oxygen suppliers in town. He was constantly tracking the delivery status and learnt that it was delayed due to some logistical issue.

Rishab immediately checked for another source and got the oxygen cylinder to the associate’s doorstep. Rishab had made over 120 phone calls that day.

Individuals like Rishab are going the extra mile to make the impossible possible.

Thank you Rishab. We salute you for the support!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Nishant Kashyap Philanthropic Spirit

Nishant Kashyap has helped and supported many Tech Mahindra associates overcome difficulties amidst COVID-19.

Nishant made sure oximeter, medicines, food, and other essentials were delivered to associates while they were isolating at home due to the virus.

He made sure no one felt helpless during these difficult times.

Thank you Nishant. We salute you for your philanthropic spirit!!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Amey Jodh’s Giving Nature

One of our associates based out of Thailand connected to Tech Mahindra COVID helpdesk asking for help for his family member in India. The patient was hospitalized and the family was struggling to arrange for plasma donors. Doctors had prescribed two units of plasma.

Amey studied the situation, connected the associate's family, and subsequently connected with blood banks where plasma was available.

Amey arranged for the plasma on the same day. He also ensured this got delivered to the patient without any hassle.

Thank you Amey. We salute you for your giving nature!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Sateesh’s Altruistic Spirit

One of our associate’s parents was severely infected with COVID 19. The associate has tried all possible ways to get a bed but to no avail. There was a shortage of beds in the hospital at that time. So the associate emailed Tech Mahindra’s COVID help desk requesting a hospital bed.

Sateesh recognized how urgent the situation was and worked with the team to get the required hospital bed ready within a short period.

Sateesh also took out time in the next few days to chat with the associate to show support during this difficult time.

Thank you Sateesh. We salute your altruistic spirit!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Rajeesh Tadepalli’s Humanity

One of our associates was severely infected with COVID 19 and hospitalized in Hyderabad.

Rajesh got to know about the situation and connected with the associate’s family. By that time, the associate’s family was trying to shift him to another hospital for better treatment, and he was in an ambulance with oxygen support. His family tried multiple hospitals to admit him but didn’t get any beds due to shortage.

Rajesh stepped in, reached out to different hospitals, talked to doctors through references, and arranged a bed in a hospital. But the hospital was a little far for the associate to reach and the associate in particular was in dire need of being hospitalized as his oxygen levels were dipping. While the family returned to the previous hospital and requested to readmit, the hospital denied their request.

Rajesh, who was constantly following up with the associate’s family, immediately connected with the TechM COVID support team and arranged a bed in the nearest hospital.

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Sarah’s Kind Heart

One of our customer’s families was infected with COVID 19 and was in isolation. Sarah came out to lend her support. She took time out every day to chat with family members and check in on their mental health and if they needed any support.

Sarah also managed to arrange oxygen cylinders for the customer’s family with the help of her colleagues. Her kind action inspired a family to stay strong and fight against COVID 19.

Thank you Sarah. We salute you for your kind action!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Aloka’s Generous Nature

An associate lost his mother to COVID-19 and returned to work after completing all rituals. After that, he had severe chest pain and had admitted to a nearby hospital by his colleagues. After two days, he got discharged as his ECG report was normal. It didn’t stop there; he was then diagnosed with COVID-9 after a week. All these back to back incidents had exhausted all his leaves.

Aloka stepped in and brought this to Tech Maindra’s HR’s notice. They helped him by arranging for more leaves, which were donated by Aloka through the leave donation portal. Post recovery, he resumed work.

Thank you Aloka. We salute your generosity!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Swarnendu’s Act of Compassion

A child from an associate’s family got severely infected with COVID 19 and had high temperature and trouble breathing.

Swarnendu instantly reached out to all the local hospitals for a vacant bed, and was successful in arranging a bed in a nearby nursing home.

The treatment began immediately and it helped with a speedy recovery.

Thank you Swarnendu. We salute your compassion!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Raghu’s Noble Dedication

Raghu was assigned to check the wellbeing of few associates who were infected with COVID-19. He personally called each one of them and provided support to ensure their mental wellbeing during these difficult times.

Raghu addressed queries related to and & leave policies. He also managed to arrange hospital beds, medicines, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators for those in need. Raghu is an active member of Tech Mahindra’s vaccination drives as well.

His kind dedication to our our associates gave them a sense of belongingness.

Thank you Raghu. We salute your noble dedication!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Sayanthan’s Caring Nature

Sayanthan is an active member of our COVID SOS Seva team and has managed to address many requests raised through the SOS channel.

One of our associates and his family members were COVID positive and required a specific medicine that was not available in their city. Sayanthan procured the medicine through his network and had it delivered at associate’s home without delay.

Similarly, Sayanthan helped to get RT PCR done for a family member of Tech Mahindra’s onsite associate.

Thank you Sayanthan. We salute your caring nature!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Manoj’s Unfaltering Support

One of our associates reached out to Manoj for an oxygen concentrator not for himself but for his aunt whose oxygen level was dropped to 70.

Manoj acted upon the issue and delivered an oxygen concentrator to the patient. His kind and quick action helped to save a life.

Thank you Manoj. We salute your care and support!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Anunay’s Humanity

One of our associates reached out to Bangalore helpdesk for her father in law, who had been in dire need of a hospital bed. Anunay stepped in and arranged a hospital bed in Bangalore and helped to shift the patient from his native town to Bangalore.

Similarly, when a patient desperately needed medical consultation during his quarantine, Anunay came to rescue and helped the patient get virtual consultation. He also made sure all other essential services were delivered to the associate.

Thank you Anunay. We salute your humanity!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Sukesh’s Relentless Care

An associate’s mother was severely infected with COVID-19 and was hospitalized she was in dire need of Remdesivir injections for her treatment.

Understanding the severity of the situation, Sukesh stepped in and connected with different sources to get the injections. After continued effort, he had managed to procure the medicine and got it delivered to the associate’s mother.

Thank Sukesh. We salute your support and Relentless dedication!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Manoj’s Thoughtfulness

One of our associate’s father has been infected with COVID-19 and urgently needed to be hospitalized.

As soon as Manoj heard about this, he took initiative, connected with different hospitals and managed to arrange a bed by the very next morning. His kind and prompt action saved a life. On several occasions, Manoj has helped other associates and families get hospital beds and essential supplies.

Thank you Manoj. We salute your thoughtfulness!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Raihan’s Supportive Nature

Being an active member of our COVID SOS Seva team, Raihan has addressed over 30 cases raised by TechM associates.

On several such occasions, Raihan has managed to arrange blood, plasma, and oxygen for those in urgent need.

Thanks Raihan. We salute you for making this world a better place to live in!

We #ResolveToRISE Together!

Athira’s Dedication

During the lockdown period, Athira delivered office desktops to employees who were unable to arrange their own systems. She also provided guidelines to newly joined associates and helped them adapt to the new work culture. Her timely gesture helped these employees integrate to our family seamlessly.

Athira is always willing to go the extra mile to support her team and colleagues.

Thank you Athira. We salute your dedication!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Gauthaman’s Determination

Associates like Gauthaman are inspiring for us all. During the strict lockdown period, he made sure to drive 20 – 25km every day to deliver office desktops to our associates.

He ensured no work got delayed due to resource unavailability.

His dedication has created an uninterrupted work environment in these tough periods.

Thank you Gauthaman. We salute your determination!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Balaji’s Thoughtful Resourcefulness

One of our Bangalore-based associates was hospitalized due to COVID-19 and required a specific medicine that was not available in the city.

Balaji enquired about the medicine through his network and got to know about its availability in Chennai. He immediately arranged for a company vehicle to pick up the medicine, and had it delivered to the hospital in Bangalore on the same afternoon.

Our associate was better and on his path to recovery by the evening.

Thanks Balaji. We salute your thoughtfulness!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Shyam Mandava’s Quick Thinking

One of our associate’s parents and friend had been infected with COVID-19 and were in dire need of an oxygen cylinder and concentrator.

Shyam immediately reached out to relevant suppliers, and was successful in arranging and delivering the cylinder and concentrator to the associate. However, there was a defect in the oxygen cylinder. Shyam wasted no time to take this to a hospital and get it repaired without any delay.

Thanks Shyam. We salute your quick thinking!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Shouvik’s Compassionate Spirit

Shouvik is an active member of our COVID SOS Seva team and has managed to address many requests raised through the SOS channel.

Since then, he has helped procure critical medicine, hospital beds, plasma, and oxygen for our associates during critical emergencies.

Thanks you Shouvik. We salute you for your compassion!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Nilanjana’s Kind Gesture

Nilanjana took on the responsibility to connect with all the family members and relatives of Tech Mahindra’s onsite associates to let them know that the company will support them for any COVID-19 related emergency. She reached out each one of them and explained them about all these facilities and services.

Nilanjana’s kind gesture gave our overseas associates hope and strength during this difficult period.

Thank you Nilanjana. We salute you for for your kindness and care.

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Sai’s Support and Positivity

One of our colleague’s sisters was severely infected with COVID-19 and urgently needed plasma. Sai immediately stepped to gather information on relevant plasma donors, and he finally found a donor who could help the patient.

Sai also managed to procure oxygen concentrators for associates during emergencies and provided support to those in need.

Thank you Sai for spreading your positivity!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Anshu’s Empathy in Action

One of our associate's family had been infected by COVID-19 and the patient’s oxygen saturation level had dipped severely. The associate emailed our COVID help desk as the final resort.

Anshu studied the situation and got an oxygen cylinder delivered within 30 minutes. His kind and immediate gesture helped to save a life.

Thank you Anshu for always acting with empathy!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Rakesh’s Compassionate Care

When our associate Rakesh found out that one of our client partner’s 80-year-old mother urgently needed an oxygen concentrator delivered from Bangalore to Chennai, he took it upon himself to drive and deliver this himself.

With the company-appointed drivers unable to assist due to movement restrictions in Bengaluru, Rakesh didn’t hesitate to drive this long distance by himself to deliver the concentrator.

Thank you for your care and compassion.

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Peddiraju’s Benevolent Spirit

One of our associate’s spouse was severely infected with Covid-19. There was a shortage of beds in the hospital at the time and the doctor advised home oxygen support for two weeks. The associate tried all possibilities for both an oxygen cylinder and concentrator but to no avail.

He then approached Peddiraju for help, who was quick to arrange for an oxygen concentrator from our available stock within minutes of the request.

Peddiraju’s kindness and quick action ensured a speedy recovery.

Thanks, Peddiraju. We salute your benevolence!

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Raveendra’s Brave Heart

One of our associates and his father had hospitalized in Bengaluru. Their family, being in Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat, were unable to stay updated about their condition, and their concerns grew.

When Raveendra Loganathan heard about this, he stepped right up and drove 10 km at night to speak to the hospital staff to get a real-time sense of the patient’s conditions. The doctors informed him that the patients required a CT scan but the hospital was unable to arrange an ambulance with oxygen support. Without a second thought, Raveendra immediately organized for an ambulance to take the patient for a CT Scan to another hospital.

The morning after, Raveendra went back to check on both patients’ condition and took photos to share these updates with their anxious family waiting back home.

Thank you for your act of bravery and thoughtfulness.

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Raghavendra’s Kind Gesture

When a TechM associate tested positive last month, Raghavendra came out to lend his support.

He made sure food, groceries, medicine, and all other essential services were delivered to the associate, while he was isolated at home and was finding it difficult to take care of himself

Raghavendra also took time out every day to chat with the associate to ensure his mental strength and spirit remain up.

Thank you for your act of kindness, it goes a long way.

We #ResolveToRISE Together

Jaiby Cherian’s Indomitable Spirit

One of our associate's mother was infected with COVID-19 and in dire need of ventilator support. However, our associate and her sister was living in Australia at the time, and had no means to help their mother who was back home in Kerala.

Knowing how helpless his teammate felt, separated from her ailing mother in another country, Jaiby Cherian, a proud TechMighty and member of Tech Mahindra Covid Care Team, got to work immediately.

He along with other team members tirelessly contacted hospitals across the state and reached out to every COVID-19 control room in the area, but to no avail. Finally, after multiple phone calls, he managed to arrange a ventilator at 4 AM with the help of the district assistant collector in Patiala.

His relentless efforts and tenacity ensured that the associate’s mother had the best medical support available.

Thanks Jaiby, We salute your indomitable spirit of RISE!

Solomon’s Selfless Service

Solomon, a proud TechMighty, had registered on Tech Mahindra Covid Care Portal as a plasma donor. It so happened that a colleague was in dire need of plasma and our Covid Taskforce reached out to Solomon.

At a time when most of us are scared to step out of our homes, Solomon travelled 25 kms to the patient’s hospital, got his plasma tested, and once the result was affirmative after 3 hours of waiting, donated his plasma.

Thanks Solomon. We salute your selflessness!
We #ResolveToRISE together!

Srikanth Nethikunta’s Helping Hand

A TechMighty working in the US faced a major crisis back home in India. Both his wife’s father and brother had contracted COVID-19, and a few hours later, his father-in-law passed away, leaving the family distraught. With his brother-in-law in critical condition, they had no one to help carry out the last rites.

In such a moment of crisis, he reached out to our team in Hyderabad requesting help. What followed was a sterling example of our culture of RISE from within.

Our associates Shyam Mandava, Arun Kar, and Srikanth Nethikunta sprung into action and organized the cremation. Srikanth Nethikunta was on the ground and took control of the entire arrangement, not just coordinating but also being there in person.

Thanks to our warriors. We salute your boundaryless family spirit!

We #ResolveToRISE together!

Himanshu’s Spirit of Giving

One of our associates needed plasma for his family member, and he contacted our HR team in Noida.

This is when Himanshu, a fellow TechMighty, willingly came forward and helped out the family without giving this any second thought. He didn't once hesitate when it came to donating his plasma, and this was extracted the very same night.

He remained extremely calm throughout the procedure.

Thanks Himanshu. We salute and admire your spirit!

We #ResolveToRISE together.

Privil Rodrigues’s Resourcefulness

One of our associate’s family member tested positive for COVID-19 and was living alone in Bengaluru. She needed urgent medical attention and unfortunately, nobody was around to help her at the time. Her entire family, who lived far away in a different hometown, was helpless and unable to manage anything from there.

This associate approached Tech Mahindra Covid Care Team and quickly contacted Privil and team. Thankfully, the entire situation was turned around as this team arranged for the required medicines and food. They were also able to arrange for a bed and shift her to the hospital.

Thanks Privil and team. We salute your relentlessness!

We #ResolveToRISE together!

Indira Pathak’s Guiding Spirit

One of our associates and his wife were infected with COVID-19, and the associate in particular was in dire need of being hospitalized as his oxygen levels were dipping. While the family struggled to look for hospital beds across NCR, Indira, Head HR at TechM SBU India came to the rescue.

Indira got both of them admitted to the Covid Care Unit at Tech Mahindra NSEZ. The two were treated with great care and support, led by Dr Bimlesh Dhar Pandey, and within 5 days of treatment, they had recovered enough to be discharged.

Thanks Indira. We salute your caring guidance and spirit!

We #ResolveToRISE together!

Pallav Bhatnagar’s Act of Kindness

One of our associates reached out to Pallav not for himself but his customer’s mother, who had been admitted in hospital for COVID-19.

They were in desperate need of a few oxygen cylinders or an oxygen concentrator. The patient was in Uttarakhand and her son was willing to come and collect it from NCR.

Pallav left no stones unturned to ensure that this is speedily delivered to the patient with no hassle to the family.

Similarly, when a patient was stranded in an ambulance with only 30 minutes of oxygen left and no hospital able to help, Pallav came to the rescue and saved our overseas associate’s family member’s life.

Pallav went above and beyond to help his associate and his family in their time of need.

Thanks Pallav. We salute your empathy and kindness!

We #ResolveToRISE together!

Srinivasan Keerthivasan’s Charitable Spirit

Srinivasan Keerthivasan, popularly known as Srini, is a proud TechMighty since 2007. During these challenging times, he continued to lend his helping hand to those in need, spending countless hours to ensure all associates were cared for and had medication.

Over time, he has helped many associates and family members in getting them access and admittance to hospitals. And his support doesn’t stop here. He also volunteers across public health sectors in Chennai that provide doctor consultation and vaccination drives.

Srini’s enormous selfless contribution has saved many lives.

Thanks Srini. We salute your magnanimity and charitable spirit!

We #ResolveToRISE together!

Building on our learnings

We know that even in a digital world, it’s human beings that are our most valuable resource—an approach that has allowed us to create what we call ‘Moments of Truth’, appreciating that while technology is an enabler, ‘Moments of Truth’ are always human. In a post COVID-19 world, we hope that companies and governments alike remember that it was digital advancements that have kept us afloat and that a continued commitment to funding and adopting new innovations will be paramount to progress as we enter this next chapter in human history.

Potential therapeutic COVID-19 drug in the works

Tech Mahindra and Reagene Biosciences have filed for patent for a molecule that can be used to develop a drug against Covid-19.

We compared protein amino acid chains and found that 99% of Malarial and HIV peptide chains are present in COVID-19. Read More

For further details on peer reviewed journal, read our research papers; COVID-19 Therapeutic Drug Research and Patent for COVID-19 molecule filed

Strengthening India’s Emergency Healthcare Infrastructure

Tech Mahindra Foundation has been donating basic life support ambulances, oxygen plants, and other emergency medical supplies across charitable hospitals in Telangana, Maharashtra, NCR, and across India as part of its ongoing COVID-19 relief and rehabilitation initiatives. Join us as we #ResolvetoRISE together.

COVID-19 SOS Seva for TechMighties

Tech Mahindra’s MAKER’S LAB and its foundation has launched an initiative that enables its associates to receive helpful, authentic and timely information through WhatsApp. A team of 300+ volunteers is working round the clock to disseminate this information and the service has also been extended to our customers in need.

Vaccinations for All

Tech Mahindra has set up exclusive COVID-19 Vaccination drives across our campuses and network hospitals to encourage vaccinations and provide a hassle-free experience to all associates and their families. All costs related to COVID-19 vaccinations will be reimbursed as well.

Easing Financial Burden

Tech Mahindra has upgraded its India Medical Insurance Plan to include cost of Home treatment for COVID-19. The Associate Welfare Trust is geared up to provide additional funds to those in need.

COVID-19 Care at Office

Tech Mahindra has set up its own COVID-19 care facility in Tech M Noida office in partnership with a leading hospital chain. This facility provides access to COVID-19 care beds not just to Tech M Associates, but also to local community. Plans are on to set up more such facilities across other locations.

We've also setup dedicated Central & Regional Rapid Action Teams which is empowered to take swift and decisive steps. Our 24/7 Emergency Response Helpline provides real time support for all Covid related actions.

Driving Positivity and Holistic Wellness

Tech Mahindra has initiated regular outreach to Associates which focuses on 8 different aspects of wellness (Emotional, Physical, Financial, Occupational, Spiritual, Environmental, Intellectual & Social).

Helping India Breathe

Tech Mahindra Foundation and Mission Oxygen to Set Up 50 Oxygen Plants for Charitable and Government Hospitals Across India. The partnership will strive to ensure that hospitals, nursing homes and medical care facilities, especially in tier-2 cities, get immediate access to oxygen.

Know More

Supporting Partnerships to Ensure Oxygen for India

Tech Mahindra Foundation supports #OxygenforIndia to deploy 3,000 oxygen concentrators and 40,000 oxygen cylinders to help resolve the oxygen crisis in India.

Tech Mahindra will also digitally enable supply chain applications by leveraging its ecosystem of suppliers, customers, partners, and associates.

Know More

Step Forward and Make a Difference

Tech Mahindra’s location based councils across cities have been activated to enable immediate help to associates impacted by COVID-19.

The council volunteers are enabling all necessary support (logistical, financial, emotional and others) to the families in need.

Survive to Thrive

Tech Mahindra’s point of view to handle the COVID-19 situation. The integrated approach is not only to help our customers start operations, but also ride over the tide to grow their business in a safe, secure and sustainable way.


Mhealthy is a comprehensive solution powered by new generation technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable data-driven digital diagnostics that enables generating real-time reports.

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Entellio for COVID-19

Chat with the bot to know the latest, and assuage your fears by following safety instructions it gives. Need urgent help? All information available in the bot.

more about Entellio

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