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The most awaited Salesforce event - Dreamforce 2021 is here! Tech Mahindra is proud to be a Titanium Sponsor for Dreamforce this year!

Dreamforce, one of the most sought-after events in the industry, is the annual conference of Salesforce held in San Francisco every year. Customers, partners, and thought leaders gather to share knowledge, innovate, and be inspired. Dreamforce 2021 will be more inclusive than ever, with digital activities accessible from any location. In addition, Dreamforce '21 will be held in a hybrid format, focusing on safety and a post-pandemic perspective.
We are incredibly excited to meet you at the Moscone Center and watch out for our space at Yerba Buena Gardens!

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Salesforce Competency @ Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra: A Salesforce Summit Partner

As a Summit Partner, Tech Mahindra's Salesforce competency has transformed businesses globally for more than a decade. We are also one of the very few Salesforce partners with end-to-end multi-cloud capabilities: Core Clouds, C360 Platform, Marketing, Commerce, Community, Revenue Cloud, FSL, Einstein, Vlocity, Mulesoft, and Tableau. Our Salesforce CSAT score being 5/5 globally is a testament to our customer-centric approach. We have built solutions across major industry verticals including Manufacturing, Telco, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Utility, and Banking & Financial Services and are also making significant investments in transforming customer experience with Next-Gen CRM enabled by AI & Analytics driven Marketing, Sales, CPQ & Service Management.


Get more insights about the below solutions at the Tech Mahindra Kiosk - at Yerba Buena Gardens!

BSS transformation for Telcos

With Salesforce & Vlocity

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Next-Gen Auto CX Cloud

Physical Digital systems of engagement for the Auto.Nxt experience

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Green Energy Retail Pricing

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Public Sector

Driving and Liquor Licensing Modernization

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Capital Investment Solution

C360 – Builds in depth customer relationship and enables Omni Channel view of customers, dependents and partners.

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Demand Management

Cloud-based solution designed & developed to enable global organizations to effectively manage their end-to-end demand management activities seamlessly.

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Medical Affairs

The solution provides a single, global system that allows Medical Information inquiries to be logged, tracked, approved, and delivered to the users.

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Introducing a New Era of Patient Engagement with Salesforce Health Cloud

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Vendor Onboarding & Performance Management

The Vendor Operations & Performance Management System to streamline business operations with Salesforce Lightning Platform.

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Patient Connect

Automating Patient Journeys with Salesforce Health Cloud

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BSS transformation for Telcos

With Salesforce & Vlocity

Over the years, Telcos have built complex systems with legacy technology, siloed business process, and cumbersome operational process. Technical debt becomes too high, and buyers are getting frustrated with the disconnected experience. Customer churn is a significant problem, and the annual growth rate is continuing to decline. With the ever-changing market dynamics, IT stacks need to keep pace with dynamic changes in the entire cycle, from how a customer is targeted on social media to how fast their complaints are resolved.

Business Challenges

  • Targeting customers across a wide range of channels
  • Providing a seamless, user-friendly, and connected experience across these channels
  • Increasing propensity to self-serve
  • Faster resolution time hence mandating an easy to use and connected agent console
  • Ability to onboard new products/offers seamlessly without any lag time


  • End to end BSS stack built on SFDC Vlocity, which caters to the entire Lead to Serve and Trouble to resolve cycle


  • Integrated single stack for all lines of business for both B2B and B2C
  • More configuration than code
  • Easier and faster integrations with Legacy
  • Omnichannel capability


  • Single integrated stack makes the business journeys seamless
  • Faster time to market
  • Making the trouble to resolve journey seamless, resulting in a significant reduction in resolution times
  • Integrated product catalog across functional blocks

Next-Gen Auto CX Cloud

Physical Digital systems of engagement for the Auto.Nxt experience

With an anticipated business growth of ~$48 bn in the next few years, there is a massive need for an automotive platform to accelerate OEM's and Dealer's performance. The product roadmap aims at delivering – 

  • Integrated Marketing – Acquisition, Retention and Loyalty Journeys
  • Dealer DMS
  • After-Market sales – Lead-to-Order for parts
  • Telematics for Predictive / Proactive Services, built on Mahindra Platform

Business Challenges

  • Information silos, disconnected systems resulting in fragmented customer journeys
  • Lack of visibility into Leads and Opportunities, resulting in sales inefficiencies
  • Increased cost per acquisition and lower marketing/sales conversion ratios
  • Disconnected dealer communication
  • Lack of customer-centric application design
  • Transactional and static legacy systems with minimal intelligence


The solution consists of a fully integrated automotive Full Stack, leveraging Salesforce Sales, Service Marketing, Analytics, and Experience Cloud, driven by data and intelligence for improved ecosystem experiences: Customers, Dealers, OEMs, and Vendors.


  • Extended Salesforce data model for Automotive Industries, enabling prebuilt cross-functional processes.
  • Integrated Lead-to-Order Journey (Lead – Enquiry – Test Drive – Booking – Retail) for both OEM and Dealer
  • Touchless Booking, Test Drive, and Service Appointment journeys
  • Prebuilt Sales and Service analytics
  • Dealer Sales: Dealer Onboarding, Lead-to-Order, Dealer Performance, OEM – Dealer Communication
  • Dealer Service: Vehicle Service covering Service appointments, Repair Orders, Payments and Delivery
  • Contact center templates for Complaint Management, BDA, RSA, Claims, and Service Marketing
  • Ready to Go APIs for easy integration

Business Benefits

  • Accelerated Implementation for Sales, Service, and Dealers (70% prebuilt on Auto CX Cloud)
  • Increased visibility into the Sales pipeline with actionable insights for faster deal closure
  • Streamlined Vehicle Services Process
  • Improved OEM Dealer Communication and Performance
  • Increased CSAT and DSAT driving retention and revenue
  • Improved conversion rates and lower cost of acquisition

HERMES: Green Energy Retail Pricing

Solution for marketers of commodity energy (electricity/gas) and non-commodity energy providing efficiency to business customers.

Business Challenges

  • Creating and changing products is complex in the existing system
  • Multiple systems to manage catalog, quote, and contract processes
  • Inefficiency in configuring multiple Products, Terms, and Quotes
  • Difficulty in identifying active UANs under a contract due to lifecycle changes
  • Difficulty in maintaining document templates


An integrated Managed Product solution on Salesforce and Vlocity allowing Utility customers to purchase a variety of hedge products options depending on their consumption pattern. It's a fully integrated solution offering real-time usage characteristics, customized costing and pricing, and end-to-end quote and contract management.


  • Integrated, configurable, and modular product catalog
  • Guided LWC (Lightning Web Components) based UI for multi Quote configurations
  • Ability to create subgroups within an Opportunity for better cost arbitrage for the customer
  • Integrated custom as well as standard costing and pricing, with regional (ISO, State, and Customer Class) sensitivity
  • Automated vetting and Quote guard-rails for sales efficiency
  • Quote sheet with rich content (multi quotes, usage and cost charts, market analysis)
  • Templatized contract documents with embedded tokens and validations
  • Integration with certifying for e-Signature
  • Easy to use guided journeys for contract lifecycle changes (addendums) 

Business Benefits

  • Platform-based solution for managing Quotes and Contracts
  • Faster time to market
  • Modular, configurable, and Templatized solution for low maintenance
  • User efficiency via guided navigations
  • Future extensible for new product lines and market segments

Public Sector: Driving and Liquor Licensing Modernization

End-to-End implementation for DLL's Licensing and Enforcement system modernization on Salesforce platform.

Business Challenges

The current licensing of DLL is going through the following challenges:

  • Manual and paper-based application
  • Multiple systems to manage license, permit, and inspection processes
  • Difficulty in maintaining document templates



A fully integrated end-to-end Liquor, License, and Inspection system leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud, Experience Cloud (Community Plus), Mulesoft, and AppExchange solutions, transform a paper-based system into a fully digital system.

DLL requires a Salesforce-based solution that enables DLL to meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • Manage the licensing and or certification of State businesses that sell or serve beverage alcohol
  • Manage the licensing of State businesses that sell tobacco products or Lottery games
  • Manage the licensing and sales reporting of Break Open Tickets in State
  • Manage the compliance assignments, investigation results, and enforcement outcomes involved in the enforcement of statutes and regulations


  • Licensing & Permits
    • Online Services for Guests & Registered users via Community Cloud
    • License & Permit management
  • Compliance & Enforcement
    • Inspection management
    • Enforcement management
    • Investigation management
    • Board Agenda and Minutes Management
  • Education & Financials
    • Education certifications & Workflows
    • Online Payment & Financials (Integrations)
  • Reporting

Business Benefits

  • Fully digital liquor, license and inspection system
  • Faster time to market
  • Fully automated system
  • AI-driven smart application
  • Secure and accessible to external users
  • Modular, configurable, and templatized solution for low maintenance
  • User efficiency via guided navigations

Capital Investment Solution

C360 – Builds in depth customer relationship and enables Omni Channel view of customers, dependents and partners to help with better financial planning and recommendations for the institution

Digital transformation's advent across the Financial Services industry and the FinTech ecosystem has resulted in more data generation. As a result, institutions’ relationship managers and agents will need to be given AI-based predictions and recommendations based on this data to enable a better relationship with customers and cross-sell or upsell products. 

Business Challenges

  • Lack of Integrated transaction experience due to Legacy banking applications such as core banking systems and wealth product recommendation engines
  • Need for enabling inclusive Banking experience for customers and partners, families and friends
  • Lack of Integration with social media to understand the digital persona of the customers to capture customer sentiments.
  • Inadequate understanding of the life events of customers to track opportunities


The Capital Investment solution is built with a design that will seamlessly integrate with your Legacy financial applications such as core banking system, wealth advisory engines, your partner ecosystem, etc., to bring in data to the C360 application. The Capital Investment solution is an insight-driven decision-making process to predict the customer's needs and develop tailor-made pitches for financial products to increase the likelihood of selling. In addition, it aims to identify the hidden opportunities within the financial data for identifying potential opportunities with customers, dependents, friends, partners for financial planning and financial product setup.


  • The platform enables integrations with social media platforms to understand the digital persona of your beloved customers and their financial holdings, liabilities, retirement planning, and life events, such as newborn family members, kid's upcoming education loan requirements, mortgage investments, etc.
  • Applies analytics onto the financial data for well-informed decision making
  • Enables execution of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Leverages insights to choose appropriate communication channels for engaging with prospects.

Business Benefits

  • Segmentation of customer demographics based on behavioral analysis and family events
  • Increased revenue opportunities for the financial Institutions
  • Financial institution’s IT systems become enhanced Omni-Channels for agents and business relationship managers, and enable seamless cross-selling of products through various functions
  • Improved efficiency of Relationship Managers and Agents as they "know" the Customer, Families, and Partners in-depth

Demand Management

Cloud-based solution designed & developed on the world's leading platform – Salesforce -that enables global organizations to effectively manage their end-to-end demand management activities seamlessly, including demand planning, assignment, and fulfillment.

Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer Health, Banking & Financial Services, and IT Services organizations with global presence are heavily dependent on the availability of the skilled workforce to run their day-to-day operations and various programs & projects being executed globally.

Business Challenges 

Building up large teams to manage and execute large-scale global programs requires considerable investment in human capital. It comes with its challenges and risks, some of which include the availability of skilled resources in local regions/geographies, hiring the right skilled resources, managing the resources, and the most important one retaining the resources. 

With the above-listed resourcing challenges, organizations globally nowadays are partnering with local vendors/partners who could provide the required resources as and when needed at short notice for a specified duration and on completion of the work could release them back. This helps the organization minimize the investments required to hire and maintain large teams globally and helps them focus on their core business functions/operations.


The Salesforce-based Demand Management tool helps organizations overcome the limitations/challenges in tracking and managing the resource demands and provide the key stakeholders with a holistic view of demands across various locations.


The solution offers the below list of features/functionality:

  • Master data creation 
  • Demand creation 
  • Demand review & approval
  • Enabling the partner community
  • Candidate selection & project assignment
  • Candidate project task assignment
  • Timesheet entry & approval
  • Reports & dashboards

Business Benefits

  • Cloud-based platform with zero investment in hardware & software infrastructure
  • Anytime anywhere access through a laptop / PC / mobile with internet 
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Highly secure, scalable & robust platform
  • Highly configurable and easy to maintain
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Easily integrated with Legacy applications/platforms 

Medical Affairs

The solution provides a single, global system that allows Medical Information inquiries to be logged, tracked, approved, and delivered to the users. In addition, it provides one single repository of medical information articles.

Business Challenges:

  • Logging of the medical information 
  • Tracking of the inquiries
  • Current disparate system 


The cloud-based knowledge management application designed & developed by Tech Mahindra would enable the organizations to overcome the limitations/challenges in logging and tracking the medical information inquiries raised by consumers and HCPs. Medical information is a single application that supports all the markets/regions/territories. The solution is built on Salesforce and leverages its lightning platform features/offerings.


  • Account & Contact Management 
  • Inquiry Management (Case Management)
  • Knowledge Article Management
  • Product Management
  • Reports & Dashboards

Business Benefits

  • Omni channel interactions with HCP’s and end consumers
  • Integrated with the core contact center solution (Service Cloud)
  • Integrated knowledge repository with version control
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce communities
  • Supports multiple languages
  • 360 view of the customer interactions


Introducing a New Era of Patient Engagement with Salesforce Health Cloud.

Recent studies have shown that patients highly engaged in their care had overall medical costs that were 5.3 percent lower than those receiving a usual level of support. These patients also had 12.5 percent fewer hospital admissions. Conversely, the same study found that patients least engaged in their healthcare had cost 21 percent higher than those most involved in their healthcare decisions.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of a unified platform that acts as a single source of truth to engage with the patients
  • Inability to process the data from multiple sources and provide near real-time or real-time updates to all stakeholders for a better experience
  • The need for a proactive and reactive approach to engagement, depending on the status of the patient.
  • The need for real-time risk assessments of patient


Tech Mahindra's CareNxt solution is diligently designed leveraging the power of Salesforce Products to provide a connected care management solution that enables not just the 360 view, but also schedules and manages appointments.
The products used are:

  • Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Field Services
  • Einstein Analytics 

A single pane of glass provides a 360 view of a patient to all persons involved in a patient’s journey – The care manager, patient, caregiver, provider, transport, and the pharmacist.


  • Single pane of glass for all stakeholders engaging with the patients
  • Reduced time and investments by the health teams increasing the engagement time
  • Available both online and offline; HIPAA certified cloud-based solution with secure anytime anywhere access
  • Device connectivity enabled to provide remote patient management; seamless co-ordination of intervention when needed

Business Benefits

  • A platform-based solution that is tailored to the unique needs of the provider
  • Minimal setup time and faster time to market
  • Innovative licensing models aimed to reduce the CAPEX cost

Vendor Onboarding & Performance Management

The Vendor Operations & Performance Management System to streamline business operations with Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Vendor(s) / Third Party Organization(s) form the backbone of any organization and are critical for their day-to-day business. In the healthcare & Life Sciences industry, it becomes all the more crucial for the organizations offering their products & services that directly or indirectly impact human lives to oversee their vendors or third parties to build trust with their stakeholders. 

Business Challenges

  • Inefficient processes & measures to scrutinize, assess and mitigate the risks associated with a vendor / third party
  • Lack of analysis of associated risk(s) before entering any business relationships


The vendor operations & performance management system (VMS) solution designed and developed on the platform enables the organizations’ vendor management/procurement teams to streamline their business operations.


The features include:

  • Vendor Identification / Registration 
  • Vendor Risk Assessment & Mitigation 
  • Vendor Onboarding & Compliance 
  • Vendor Performance Assessment
  • Vendor Analytics

Business Benefits

  • First of its kind tool
  • Portable across industries 
  • Easily customizable
  • Lightweight architecture to synchronize with heterogeneous landscapes
  • Real-time data to mitigate risks and action 
  • Integration with Watson engine in the future state

Patient Connect

Automating Patient Journeys with Salesforce Health Cloud.

With Patient Connect, healthcare providers can enhance the patient experience by engaging them on their preferred channel, proactively communicating depending on the patient's engagement phase – Before, During, and After the Care Management.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of complete picture of the patient’s profile and related attributes
  • Communication with the patients is either reactive or limited to contact centers providing essential engagement
  • Patients demand a complete digital experience and would like to connect with the healthcare provider on multiple channels


  • Home Healthcare and Home nursing care - Covers medical or psychological assessment, wound care, pain, disease and medication management, and education. This type of home care is generally appropriate for those suffering from chronic illness, recovering from acute injury or disease, or needing skilled care to remain at home.
  • Home Hospice – Services offered to terminally ill patients who need regular visits and monitoring. It can be home-based or in another setting outside the hospital.
  • Homemaker and personal services - Home care aide organizations provide non-medical care or custodial care, including transportation, errands, light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and assistance with activities of daily living. This type of home care is usually referred to as personal or companion care. It can be a boon to those recovering from an illness or injury or who are less capable of getting around entirely independently.
  • Home Therapy Services - Home care providers offer an array of services depending on the patient's needs. Standard services include infusion therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Home infusion therapy, which accounts for more than 85.0% of this segment's revenue, includes intravenous administration of nutrients, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, pain management drugs, other medications, and related services.


  • Planning and execution of digital campaigns to find, attract, engage patients and referrals.
  • Ability to automate engagement journey using multiple channels – Email, Text, Push Message, Social, Advertising
  • Triggering journeys based on events or execute automated journeys
  • Integrating with CRM systems or Automate file imports from an FTP location
  • Launching health assessment surveys to capture patient data to be able to suggest personalized care plans
  • Launching multi-step email campaigns to segmented patients, sending out dynamic content based on the patient's priorities. Automating journeys and sending dynamic messaging using checkpoints to review the patient channel preferences, content preferences, and the patient health profile

Business Benefits

  • Engagement with patients based on their channel preferences
  • Communications based on events or execution of automated journeys
  • Personalized content based on patient attributes and preferences
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Proactive patient engagement which leads to lower cost of care and better outcomes

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