Chemical companies are increasingly looking at digital transformation through operations improvement and business growth


The global chemicals industry has been experiencing four major trends during the current volatile global environment to sustain profitability:

  • Adopting Industry 4.0
  • Managing transitions and deriving value from M&A and capacity consolidations.
  • Achieving and sustaining cost leadership through increased focus on driving high performance across the value chain - improving operational efficiency, optimizing on cost, asset utilization and reliability.
  • Doing business with customer relevance in the new age digital platforms and achieving sustainability goals.

Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing – The transformational play is in the area of improving the productivity of chemical plants by various smart manufacturing techniques:

  • Predictive Asset Management – Maximize asset utilization and minimize unplanned downtime
  • Process Management and Control – Minimize product variability and improve quality
  • Safety Management – Monitor assets and processes on a continuous and real-time basis

Industry 4.0 for Digital Supply Chain – Companies are thriving for complete traceability & transparency across procurement and supply chain management through the digital supply chain.

  • Insights-driven decision-making through analytics is helping making supply chain smarter and cost effective.
  • Automation initiatives in SmartBots and RPA are driving out costs across the sourcing and procurement cycle.

Digital Workforce – Digital Workforce platform with API enabled communication to effectively manage the company’s talent pool, which will become increasingly critical for success in global and just-in-time economies.

Customer Experience – From new revenue models by forward integrating into customer’s operations using the chemicals or using data services to augment existing revenues or enabling advanced analytics for selecting of materials, chemical companies are moving to digitalize the material selection experience.

Digital R&D Platform – Innovation platform on cloud built on open source technologies, powered by big-data, AI/ML that will enable partners (vendors, academia, customer, consumers, regulators, etc.) to participate and contribute to R&D. Blockchain enabled IP and patent management will be the key with a real-time mechanism that will improve faster time to market and improve working capital allocation.

Key Focus and Solutions

M&A, Divestitures and Carve-Outs: Enabling IT Divestitures & IT transformation projects to design, build & help manage the joint/ separate entitie's own IT infrastructure and services. Delivering new path to IT infrastructure & application services to business with high level of quality, adherence to time constraints, cost-effective pricing & ultimately providing best services in assessment, execute and managed services.

Connected Plant: Connecting the end-to-end value chain - integrating MOM systems & applications from operational planning to delivery.

Manufacturing Analytics: Improving productivity through visibility & control - integrated operating centers & decision support through IoT , mobility and analytics based digital solutions.

Smart Logistics: Lower operating costs - automation and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, supply Chain management and optimization, Fleet management for planning & monitoring powered by advanced telematics, enabling track & trace throughout the value chain.

Enterprise Asset Management: Predictive maintenance leveraging IoT, Predictive Analytics & Augmented Reality, TechM’s Rest of Life Algorithm helps companies predict the equipment failure much in advance and the AR Field Engineer App provides real-time access to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Equipment History, Videos & Documentation.

Supply Chain Analytics: Cloud-based analytics solution for freight utilization, enhanced E2E inventory visibility and lower cost to serve.

Connected Workforce: Digital platform to engage in on-field operations, alerts on downtime possibilities and events, performance tracking, enabling standardization of key skills, assets and processes.

Practice Highlights

  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence for Process Manufacturing
  • Global leader in delivering M & A integration capability
  • 50+ domain experts and consultants with global experience
  • Strategic investments with a long-term perspective (physical assets, strategic acquisitions, minority stakes in industry focused start-ups)
  • Strategic alliances with major vendors to provide cutting-edge solutions

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