Metal and Mining
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Metal and Mining

The metals and mining industry is looking at a digital technology led transformation, making the processes efficient, safer and more productive. From new age technologies to locate deposits to analytics for better customer experience, the path success would be identifying the right technology and using data to enable management and workplace decisions.

Industry 4.0 for Ecosystem Connect, Integrated Platforms and Enterprise – Linking operational technology (OT), devices and systems, and information technology (IT) that are currently non-connected for data exchange and operational efficiency through IT/OT convergence, integrated sales and operational planning, an agile supply chain and digital monitoring of EHS and performance parameters.

Circular Economy and Sustainability – The trends of reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle will ensure that the society reduces the burden on nature by ensuring the metal remains in use as long as possible.

Digitally Enabled Workforce – Use of Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality ( AR/ VR)/ Drones , connected mobility to empower remote, field, mine and hazardous site workers for empowerment and centralized decision support connectivity.

Customer Experience – Increased tendency to adopt value-based pricing for overcoming slow demand growth and ongoing overcapacity. The industry is eager to provide the same level of “ease of purchase, customer support, flexibility in service and mobility-based track and track capabilities” that B2B customers get from a B2C experience. Digital platform tie-ups are demanding agile and flexible customer systems that will integrate with the larger ecosystem of buyer and sellers.

AI and ML for Decision Support – Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to process data from the digital value chain to provide real-time decision support and future projections.

Key Focus and Solutions

Connected Mine – The Connected Mine solution helps mining companies to more effectively connect Pit to Port & Sensors to ERP, enabling a single source of truth.

Mine Operations Command & Control Center – Real-time management of operations for all mining activities, including equipment integration and mobile apps for real-time feedback of operations.

Mine Analytics – Enabling visibility, predictability, agility and insights through the merging of mobile, cloud and analytics.

Remote Fleet Monitoring & Telematics Solution - IoT based solution to capture the information from proprietary data and generate various alerts and analytics. The solution leverages the partner ecosystem to connect with leading mining vehicles. (Analytics and visualization is ready and need to integrate with partner’s IoT gateway.).

Predictive Asset Management - Leveraging IoT, Predictive Analytics & Augmented Reality, TechM’s Rest of Life Algorithm helps companies predict the equipment failure much in advance and the AR Field Engineer App provides real-time access to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Equipment History, Videos & Documentation.

Drone Enabled Cognitive Inspection and Stockpile Measurement - Terrain analysis and feasibility assessment, mining operations monitoring and tracking, stock pile inventory estimation, remote anomaly and hotspot detection. Drone-based solutions can be used measure the ore stock /inventory in real time. This shall also be used for audit purpose in quick manner.

Supply Chain Analytics – Cloud-based analytics solution for freight utilization, enhanced E2E inventory visibility and lower cost to serve. SCOR compliant supply chain analytics solution brings relevant metrics and KPIs for an executive’s day-to-day consumption. These KPIs are stitched in a manner that they bring out insights across the critical dimensions of supplier, operational optimization, customer and cross-functional orchestration across Procurement-Production-Sales-Logistics-Warehouse-Planning-Inventory-Spend.

Connected Worker - Leveraging wearable technologies like smart watch, glass, etc. for mine worker safety, fatigue management and vehicle/ equipment proximity. Energy Management - on premise solution that captures the information from various smart grid devices and generates various analytics and reporting. This shall help to optimize the energy consumptions and costs.

Advance Analytics for Process Optimization - Using advanced analytics methods including AI/ML, manufacturing processes like steel melting, casting and rolling can be optimized and quality defects can be reduced for improving the efficiency and yields.

Connected Factory - Seamless integration between the disparate applications and data sources on the concept of Common Information Model (CIM) and a Canonical Message Model (CMM) in accordance to ISA 95 standards. Horizontal integration from Ore to Market and vertical integration from Sensors to ERP including L2, Historian and MES Systems. Provides single source of truth and clear visibility across the organization.

Practice Highlights

  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence for Process Manufacturing
  • Global leader in delivering integration capability
  • 50+ mining & metals domain experts and consultants with global experience
  • Strategic alliances with major vendors to provide cutting-edge solutions

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