Paper, Pulp, Fiber
and Packaging
To streamline plant operations, empower workers at remote packaging sites

Paper, Pulp, Fiber and Packaging

The pulp , paper, fiber and packaging industry is adopting digital technology led transformation to drive down costs, increase throughput and gain a competitive edge with consumers.

  • Consolidations to continue to close product: Market gaps, improve revenue and margins through consolidations and divestitures. Enhancing shareholder value requires faster integration to “one” company and a system flexibility to reap planned benefits of M&A.
  • The Industry is looking at Industry 4.0 not only for an ecosystem connect but also for improvement in productivity concerns: Lower off-spec production, improvement in unplanned downtime, lower break and change time and greater traceability for customer regulatory and compliance needs.
  • For leveraging procurement and customer experience efficiencies and improved margins, the organizations are striving to become data driven “single” organization with system driven customer/ supplier/ product/ manufacturing insights and digital tech to help build a smart workplace.
  • There is an increased focus on improving customer experience to escape commoditization, improve margins, new customer segments, scope of “As-a-Service” revenue stream. This includes co-innovation for new product development, monitoring product performance, supporting new-age pricing optimization models and faster product introduction.

Practice Highlights

  • Dedicated Centre of Excellence for Process Manufacturing
  • Certified digital SCM solution : IoT, Blockchain, ML, Analytics
  • Web break predictive algorithm at 90% ‘R factor’
  • Paper & Mill Product Template for M&A, Carve out, Global roll out
  • Strategic Sourcing & Procurement as a Service to help control cost by 3-5%
  • Paper industry track & trace solution helped improve inbound – outbound logistics lead time by 15%
  • Paper Industry WMS
  • Forest Industry Blockchain, AI-ML based solutions for SCM optimization
  • Filter IoT Solution to integrate with ‘System of Systems’ to help define product strategy
  • Experience of being sole service providers in Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technologies (OT) for reputed pulp , paper , packaging & fiber industry manufacturers.
  • 50+ PPPF domain experts and consultants with global experience
  • Strategic alliances with major vendors to provide cutting-edge solutions

Key Focus and Solutions

Our PPPF COE has the solutions your company needs to enhance operational excellence, streamline plant operations, empower workers at remote packaging /conversion sites.

We have been tailoring digital and enterprise technologies for the distinct needs of the PPPF manufacturers.

Digital Plant: Connecting the end-to-end value chain ( horizontal & vertical integration) for integrated view of plant performance, simulation & process anomaly detection.

Digital Twin: The precise virtual model of a PPP plant displaying its development throughout the entire lifecycle, allowing operators to predict behaviour, optimize performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences.

Paper Web Break Predictor & Quality Advisor: Identification of key parameters for paper quality & avoiding web break. Defining operating envelope. Process optimization through big data & analytics.

Predictive Asset Management: Leveraging IoT, Predictive Analytics & Augmented Reality, TechM’s Rest of Life Algorithm helps companies predict the equipment failure much in advance and the AR Field Engineer App provides real-time access to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Equipment History, Videos & Documentation.

Supply Chain Analytics: Cloud-based analytics solution for freight utilization, enhanced E2E inventory visibility and lower cost to serve.

Mobility Support: Digital platform to engage in on-field operations, alerts on downtime possibilities and events, performance tracking.

Smart Logistics: Lower operating costs - automation and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, supply Chain management and optimization, Fleet management for planning & monitoring powered by advanced telematics, enabling track & trace throughout the value chain.

Connected Workforce: End to end solution to ensure safety & productivity of the workers working at hazardous work places. Onsite support in real-time & on job training leveraging AR/VR/MR technologies.

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