Supply Chain
Optimizing supply chain operations with digital technologies, with key focus on data and automation

Optimizing supply chain operations with digital technologies

At Tech Mahindra, we believe that an agile and efficient supply chain system will deliver constant value, helping clients to deliver the right product or service at the right price. It has been proven beyond doubt that supply chain accounts for 80 per cent of the total business expenses, and hence, creating efficiencies on this front is at the core of improved profitability and commercial advantage for any manufacturer.

Most recent value-adds to the supply chain optimization process include:

  • Customer Service: With a Chabot, supply chain clients are making life much simpler for their customers. Chatbots provide easy, quick dynamic responses to the customers, in multiple formats as appropriate.
  • Sales & Operations Planning: Single, end-to-end model of a business or enterprise. With the power of prescriptive analytics and the ability to run unlimited what-ifs, companies are able to find undiscovered opportunity values and optimize decision making.
  • Supply Chain Network Design: Advanced algorithms to simulate and optimize networks by visualizing demand, providing shipment consolidation, facility sizing and optimal freight spend.
  • Asset Utilization: Connected assets providing remote asset monitoring and control, ability to predict failure to reduce downtime, and improved utilization.

Tech Mahindra’s proposition of creating value for customers through digital technologies leans heavily on its key focus areas:

Data: Data is our focus, it is to improve the business, draw insights, predict the outcome and prescribe the action through augmented intelligence. The right combination of people’s intellect and machine intelligence will deliver optimum value. Tech Mahindra is committed to developing solutions that leverage data to improve and create new values for the business.

Automation: Digital business presents tremendous opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage. Creating this value requires a complete rethinking about the work itself. Combining the human factor with machine intelligence can improve the way we do business.

Tech Mahindra is focused on digitization that enables improving the work through simple automation. Warehouses can track the exact location of the items through various track and trace solutions using RFID, Bluetooth, Cellular technologies. Automated ordering of inventory directly at point of sale: Sales order handler uses robotic process automation to let bots handle the rudimentary tasks and focuses on exceptions that require human intelligence and decision making.

Overview of our Solutions

  • Supply & Demand harmonization with demand sensing and demand shaping.
  • Supply chain analytics for deeper insights 360, and predictable outcomes
  • Operations 360 with Logistics Control Tower, for orchestration of inbound and outbound logistics Smart Warehouse Solutions
  • Smart Warehouse Solutions
  • Track & Trace solutions beyond the four walls of the shop floor and warehouse, till it reaches the customer
  • Aftermarket spare parts planning

Business benefits

  • Improvement in product availability and reduced ageing SKUs
  • Process efficiency improvements
  • Optimum inventory levels
  • Predictability in the movement of goods
  • Empowering workforce, optimum resource utilization
  • Improved response to the changes in demand
  • Reduced manual errors

Success stories

An American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company now provides a solution for tracking surgical kits to ensure they reach the patients safely, and with complete en-route traceability for its customers, designed and developed by Tech Mahindra.

Salient Features of the Solution:

  • Universal: Track Indoor & Outdoor
  • Hybrid Tracking Technology : GPS, WIFI, Cellular
  • Integrated Sensor with High Stamina Batteries
  • Versatile: Auto Flight Mode
  • Secured: two way communication
  • Analytics
  • Tough: IP65 Certified

A multinational food corporation optimized potato chips, dispatches by 12%, with improvements designed and developed based on the digital simulation.

Salient Features of the Solution:

  • Simulation on digital model
  • Human – machine interaction simulation
  • Manufacturing & Logistics process optimization
  • Low cost optimization

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