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Welcome to the 'Tech in Sustainability' Ideathon, a platform where we welcome groundbreaking ideas to reshape the world for the better. Join forces in propelling positive change, fostering sustainability through future-focused, human-centered experiences.

Together, let's pave the way for a greener future and bring sustainability to the forefront of innovation.

Join us in this journey towards a more sustainable world!

What Are The Ideathon Laps About?

Tech Mahindra is committed to propelling responsible and sustainable business growth for a brighter future. As part of our ongoing collaboration with Mahindra Racing, the trailblazing Indian team in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, we present the 'Tech in Sustainability' Ideathon series. Driven by MakersLab™, Tech Mahindra's research and development powerhouse, this Ideathon series encourages tech enthusiasts, problem solvers, and students. We challenge them to craft innovative solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies, fostering transformative and sustainable change. We extend a warm invitation to the brightest minds to participate and contribute ideas that help us achieve our global sustainability goals.;

Ideathon unfolds across two impactful race cities, Mexico, and Hyderabad; each hosting an 'Ideathon lap.' Explore the details below to gain a comprehensive understanding of the process and join us in accelerating this journey forward.

The Challenge

We can see the future (but it's not here yet!)

In recent years, we've navigated through unprecedented, uncertain, and disruptive times. Within these challenges lies a unique opportunity for us to steadfastly pursue global sustainability goals together, harnessing the transformative power of next-generation and emerging technologies that are reshaping our operational landscape.

As we confront today's sustainability challenges, our focus is on leveraging technology to foster clear and conscious environmental management. We invite you to channel your innovation and ideation towards crafting solutions that lay the foundation for a sustainable future across the four pillars outlined below. Join us in building a legacy of sustainability for generations to come.

Your innovation must be built on at least one or more of these four core pillars:

NXT Gen - Tech

5G, AI, IoT, Cloud Tech, NFT, Metaverse , Quantum Computing, Block Chain and Data Analytics

Sustainable Mobility

Green Mobility, Carbon Neutrality, Circular Economy, New Energy Options

Fan & Customer Experience

Customer Centricity, FanExperience, Human Centric/User Experience

Engineering Design

Performance Based Digital Transformation, New and Lighter Materials Engineering

Laps and Timelines

Lap 1: Mexico City

04th March 2024


Lap 2: Hyderabad


The Winners’ Circle

Three winners get a chance to Intern at The Tech Mahindra MakersLab™

Exciting prizes across all laps

Winners get a chance to meet the Mahindra Racing team

The Copyright and Idea IP will remain with the Ideators

Guidance and Mentorship from the Subject-Matter Experts to the Ideators

Tech Mahindra MakersLab™ will guide to convert the final winning ideas (globally) to a product stage

Certificates for participants and winners from Tech Mahindra’s MakersLab™

Top three winners get a chance to grab the official Mahindra Racing and Tech Mahindra Merchandise

Judging Criteria

  1. Concept and Innovation
  2. Relevance and Differentiation
  3. Impact
  4. Technical Feasibility
  5. Business Value and Scalability

Tools You Can Use

  1. Business Model Map
  2. Business Model Journey Arc
  3. Decision Tree Model
  4. Empathy Map
  5. 5 Whys
  6. User Persona Map
  7. Stakeholder Map
  8. Customer Journey Map
  9. Context Mapping
  10. Vision Cone
  11. Most Viable Product
  12. Blue Ocean Strategy
  13. Service Prototyping
  14. Need to Have vs. Nice to Have Model


  1. Participants must be currently residing in the Country of the Ideathon Lap.
  2. There is no limitation on the team size.
  3. Participants must be made up of college, varsity students, startups.
  4. Participants may use libraries, frameworks, data points, and models at their disposal.
  5. Please submit all ideas per the deadlines communicated in the mail you receive once you register.
  6. Please keep the submissions simple and understand the timelines.
  7. Originality in ideas and concise, simple submissions will be awarded additional points.

How to Participate



Register through the link below and select your community as ‘Mahindra E-Prix Racing Season 10’ and sub-community as per your Ideathon lap city.

Register Now


Submit your ideas and plans in the portal before the deadline



Judges will carefully go through every entry received and evaluate based on the criteria and select winners and runners-up



Winners get a chance to meet the Mahindra Racing Team as well as Tech Mahindra Senior leaders

The Advantage


Sparking Innovation and
Fueling Imagination


Harnessing Creativity and
Creating Visionaries


Striking Real-World Issues and
Driving Practicality


Amplifying Positive Impact and Framing Feasibility


Building Value and Crafting
NxtGen Solutions


Enabling Possibilities and
Enhancing Opportunities


Bridging Businesses Across and Converging Industries Together


Immersive Journey and Implementing Human Centricity

Meet the Judges


Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra


SVP & Global Head, Consulting and Digital Services, Tech Mahindra


Chief Innovation Officer & Creator of MakersLab™, Tech Mahindra

Sustainability and MakersLab™

Sustainability is ingrained in each facet of our process, experience, and business operations at Tech Mahindra. Our commitment to responsible business growth has consistently positioned us as a global leader in sustainability, as evidenced by our inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the 9th year in a row where we are the only Indian company in software and services sector to achieve this recognition.

In our pursuit of fostering future innovation, MakersLab, the R&D arm of Tech Mahindra, is dedicated to empowering young innovators. We facilitate the creation of smart machines and offer skill-building opportunities for students to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

We collaborate with startups, esteemed educational institutions, and incubators, striving to architect solutions for the enterprises of the future.

Simultaneously, our sports vertical at Tech Mahindra is committed to infuse technological and domain-related innovation into the industry. This approach allows us to unlock the full potential of sports, using technology as a core driver to enhance athletic performance and elevate fan experiences

For any queries write to us at -

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