SOCIO (AI Based platform)
A real-time AI enabled seamless CX management Social Media Platform
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Seamless Customer Experience

It is one-stop-shop solution offering to manage all social media requirements like online reputation management, customer servicing/ engagement/ response management, social media insights & analytics, social customer profiling, crisis management and social bots across industries.

Huge coverage of 500 million sources (Social media and public domain sites)
Machine learning based topic identification and NLP based sentiment classifier
Allows integration with enterprise systems like CRMs, lead management, BI
Social bots capabilities on WhatsApp, Facebook, Web chat and Email
Takes care of response management on social media channels as well as email, apps and instant messengers

SOCIO Offerings

Social CRM & Integration Services
  • Respond to consumers on official and non-official social media
  • Automate responses customized to specific queue
  • Prioritize response to influencers and high priority posts
  • Integrating social engagement with traditional CRM
Social media bots services
  • AI based Social Bots
  • AI integrated system to offer rapid response to customers
  • Enable self-servicing on social media/ messengers
  • Automated responses to facilitate 24/7 availability of the brand
360ᵒ Customer Social Profiling
  • Gather & analyse customer information from various touch points
  • Mapping customer details to various attributes
  • Plan focused marketing campaigns that are customized to customer preferences & interests
Social Listening & Monitoring
  • Providing Real-time Integrated Marketing Insights
  • Providing unified insights of Social Media and other Digital Activities
  • Using NLP, Predictive & Prescriptive modelling and Text Analytics methods for deeper understanding
Social Publishing & Content Management
  • Post updates across all social channels through a single place
  • The publishers has content planning & scheduling, approval management, publishing calendar, performance tracker & broadcasting dashboard
Social Insights, Analytics & Reporting
  • Track performance of social media channels to change strategies and optimize their efforts
  • In depth insights posts, tweets, followers, competitors channels and self owned channels
Command Center & Dashboards
  • Social Media Command Center (SMCC) to give a holistic view of online/digital efforts
  • Track customer engagement & campaign performance, manage brand reputation and identify & analyse trends

Socio Impact

  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Moving from voice to non-voice support
  • Enabling Self Support with social bots
  • Cloud based solution
  • Reduced Electricity Use
  • 28% less carbon-intense power mix
  • Be globally available in minutes
  • Reducing customer-servicing cost by 20-25%
  • Enable 24 X 7 support at zero cost via bots

Tech Mahindra ‘s Social Media Command Center

As social media gave customers a profound voice, it also gave them immense power. Brands now, more than ever, need to be attentive and available to listen to their customers. Socio helps enterprises with actionable insights and proactive solutions to help succeed in a world of multiplying factors and multiple interaction points.

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