5G for Enterprise
Pre-integrated secured End-to-End Enterprise Digital Solution enabled by 5G & Multi Access Edge Compute
Unlock the NXt


5G, fifth generation of cellular technology, promises to offer tremendous opportunities for both enterprises and society at large. 5G and MEC will form the core building blocks of massive connectivity and customer engagement in this digitally connected and integrated world.

Digital transformation though will not happen overnight, yet adoption of this technology will fast track NXt in cellular communication, thereby accelerating enterprise / society growth to deliver superior experiences!

Towards the NXt!

Enable innovative business solutions
Modernize legacy systems
Optimize OPEX
Augment new revenue streams

5G4E Advantage

Tech Mahindra delivers pre-packaged digital solutions deployed over Private network and MEC, consisting of devices, platforms and applications. Our expertise in the Communications sector and innovative approach of being a partner, advisor, and a system integrator enables us to deliver enterprise transformation!

Global client base of 128+ communications operators
Best in class partnership eco-system
Zero touch provisioning & Orchestration of Edge
Flexible Subscription based Deployment model

Who We Serve

  • Our Approach
  • Manufacturing NXt
  • Oil & Gas NXt
  • Port NXt
  • Healthcare NXt

What sets our 5G for Enterprise offerings apart?

Building a 5G & MEC enabled wireless and secure Factory-of-the-Future

  • Digital Supply Chain

    Smart logistics with AIV technology and real time asset tracking for reduced response time.

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  • Digital Production and Operations

    Smart Manufacturing to engineer connected, intelligent, and secure factories of the future.

  • Digital Services

    Insights to predict machine needs and remotely assisted maintenance activities.

Digitally enabling NXtGen Connected Oil & Gas Industry with 5G & MEC

  • Connected Assets

    Open a new world of possibilities by inferencing real-time data from oilfields and production plants.

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  • Digital Safety

    Improve personnel safety with enhanced emergency response and reduced security risk of heavy assets.

  • Connected Oil & Gas

    Enable Digital transformation with connected production controlled via remote operation centers.

  • Digital Turnaround

    Pre-integrated digital solutions leading to a faster and cost-effective turnaround.

Gateway for a swift transition into ‘Smart Port’ with 5G & MEC

  • Automated Container Management

    Real time Container monitoring and automated inspection for secured effortless cargo movement.

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  • Digital Operations

    Digitally connected, hyper-efficient and sustainable - 5G Smart Ports for seamless flow of shipments.

  • Digital Safety and Surveillance

    Anytime, anywhere visibility & secured port operations.

Redefining care in the era of 5G

  • Real Time Remote Diagnosis in Emergency Care

    Usher in the future of care delivery with speedy emergency response systems.

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  • Real Time Remote Monitoring & Consultation

    Make healthcare real time with round-the-clock medical expertise via intelligent medical solutions.

  • Tele Surgery

    Transform the time-cost-quality narrative for critical care procedures with intelligent 5G networks.

  • Hospital Asset Management

    Maximize the value from your hospital assets with simplified, real-time tracking, and utilization.

  • Digital Supply Chain

    Transform healthcare delivery with intelligent warehouse management.

Leading the Way

Enhancing Customer Experience by Enabling Digital Transformation at the Edge

Explore the power of 5G & MEC creating new value propositions to transform CX

5G: Decoding the Next Generation of Enterprise Networks

How 5G will open doors to new possibilities, revenue lines and accelerated business growth

Fostering 5G powered Digital Transformation across Industries

Whitepaper on fostering 5G powered digital transformation across industries

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Declutter Adoption of 5G for Enterprise Digitalization

A breakdown of the 5G adoption journey and the value it brings to enterprise

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Everything you Need to Know


Mr. Mangaliso Sethethi

GM (Business Unit Leeuwpan)

Experience how Tech Mahindra, Huawei are helping Exxaro Resources in their digital disruption journey through the e-LTE solution rolled out in record time of 5 Months.

Watch Mr. Mangaliso Sethethi– GM at Exxaro sharing the benefits of 200-300% increase in network connectivity, 50% increase in fleet management productivity and 30% cost reductions.

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