5G NXT of Energy and Utilities
5G and Edge Assisted solutions for Energy and Utilities sector

5G NXT of Energy and Utilities

5G will play a key role in empowering governments and policy-makers in transforming their cities into smart cities, allowing citizens and communities to realize and participate in the socioeconomic benefits delivered by an advanced, data-intensive, digital economy. Tech Mahindra with its experience in solutions across Power, Water & Wastewater, Renewable, and Electric Vehicle, Micro grid, Natural Resources and Mining sectors will help to deliver this digital economy

  • Reduced risk, improved asset integrity and maximized performance by using Asset and work analytics
  • Helps in forecast needs of customer and avoid unnecessary energy usage and additional bills.
  • Reduces NPT (Non Productive Time) up to 18%

Service offerings

5G in Energy and Utilities

Early stages of 5G can empower utilities to support the digitization of several utility-driven fieldwork. This could lower costs, improve efficiency, and increase worker safety even. In time, 5G promises to emerge as a support pillar for real-time operations and devices for integration of distributed energy systems.

Renewables management becomes easier using intelligent solar and wind energy asset monitoring and efficiency management platforms.

  • Smart Grid

    The introduction of 5G technology will unleash a new wave of smart grid features and improve efficiency tenfold by allowing many devices that are currently unconnected, to be monitored for their energy usage. This will allow users to better understand their energy consumption, forecast their needs and avoid unnecessary energy usage and additional bills.

  • Smart meters for the home

    Smart meters work with a smart energy monitor, that you can place anywhere in your home. This will then allow you to view how much energy you’re using and an indication of how much it’s costing you. With the introduction of 5G, these services will be much more precise, allowing for more data to be sent and received more often, resulting in a lot more detail for the consumer and service provider.

  • Remote Monitoring of Energy Sites

    As with smart meters, remote energy monitoring is not a new feature to existing energy suppliers, however with the introduction of 5G services, the improved speed of service and vastly improved latency will mean higher detail in terms of the information it will gather.
    Using windfarms as our example, here are some of the ways that 5G smart meters will assist service providers:

    • Remotely monitor health and readiness of the equipment
    • Control and operate the equipment remotely
    • Alarm management
    • Fleet management
  • Reducing the Effects of Climate Change

    5G allows us to have more control over our environment, particularly around wasted energy. Smart street lighting, for instance is an example of such a feat. Integrated sensors could detect the presence of pedestrians or vehicles and adjust to the situation, effectively reducing light pollution and improving security at the same time.

Use Cases with Tech Mahindra

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Monitoring of health and readiness of assets to maintain operational efficiency. Use of UAVs and drones to perform visual quality inspection, analysis of temperatures, pressures, corrosion risk and more.

  • Connected Workers

    On-demand real-time push and pull information through mobility apps, offering the right information at the right time for proactive decision making and enhanced productivity.

  • Remote Operation Centers (ROC)

    Real-time control over operations in remote locations and minimal infrastructure. The solution enables workers to leverage advanced algorithms and evaluate the impact of multiple decision-making scenarios.

  • Virtual Rig Simulator

    Advanced planning using automation, and readiness optimization from design to development, test and commission.

  • Smart Exploration

    Seismic image, geographical data, real-time exploration, and lab analysis optimization.

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