5G NXT of Manufacturing
The network in the factory of the future: Moving toward wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G)

5G NXT of Manufacturing

There is a huge opportunity for 5G in the manufacturing sector, to improve workforce and business outputs. By streamlining operations with a digital infrastructure, industries stand a chance to increase overall productivity. 5G adoption is also part of the fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0. The digitization of manufacturing is set to change the industrial landscape. Many industrial establishments becoming network enabled will move toward wireless networking technology.

  • Implementing in IT/OT areas including data collection, analysis & providing closed-loop feedback
  • Designing, planning, implementation and management of infrastructure services
  • End to end management of factory applications and security services
  • OTA saving potential for OEMs through a reduction of 30% due Warranty accruals and 20% on recalls

5G in Manufacturing: Possibilities

  • Increased Manufacturing Output
  • Smart Factories
  • 5G-driven Workforce
  • Smart Vehicle Ambition
  • 5G Over Wi-Fi
  • Over-the-Air Update

Service offerings

5G Use Cases in Manufacturing

  • Connected Cars

    Modern automobiles serve as an extension of a mobile user’s experience, but with limited user control; a vehicular experience is often influenced by factors outside the driver’s control. This is mitigated significantly with connected cars; for example, it is possible for your car to anticipate a crash and navigate to a stop. 5G with low latency makes a compelling case for the future of Connected Cars.

  • Network Slicing in Smart Vehicles and Transport

    Slicing enables the creation of dedicated partitions for emergency services, entertainment, logistics, and a wide range of other services. With self-driving cars, 5G technology holds the potential to transform vehicular experiences as an extension to the user’s home or workplace.

  • Wireless and Secure factory

    Catalyzing IoT with 5G opens into several advancements in manufacturing – and is dependent on the utilization of 5G networks to facilitate product customization and maximum production output, simultaneously, but without any sacrifices to flexibility, sustainability, traceability, or safety. With real-time data distribution, workers are also able to stay apprised of the situation, and with more efficiency than ever before.

  • Fleet Management & Remote Monitoring

    5G makes a compelling case for IoT in lifecycle engineering and predictive maintenance. With real-time data collection, it becomes possible to boost fault detection, assessment, and even guide maintenance operations; at the same time, this data could also be used design and deploy updates for future improvements.


5G with Tech Mahindra: Manufacturing Spread

At Tech Mahindra, 5G innovation cuts across several industries. Manufacturing is no exception. Some of our more intelligent, dynamic solutions include:

  • Asset Management

    Covering condition-based monitoring, field services, track and trace, and predictive maintenance.

  • Connected Workers

    Focused on safety adherence and automated standard operating procedures.

  • 5G and Edge Assisted Updates Over the Air for Automotive

    A distributed Over the Air (OTA) software upgrade functionality driven from a mobile network operator’s cellular edge will enable concurrent faster and region specific software upgrades.

  • Cognitive Quality

    Intelligent visual and acoustic inspection using cognitive capabilities, for defects not visible to the naked eye.

Manual processes have often reflected slow, costly, ineffective, and occasionally dangerous results in the manufacturing industry. At Tech Mahindra, innovation – helmed with 5G as a catalyst – leads the charge in eliminating much of these shortcomings by aiding factory inspectors in the inspection process and by automating several parts of asset and worker management.

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