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When was the last time we stepped into a bank or had a one-on-one interaction with a banker? Statistics show that walk-ins at the bank have halved over the years and will continue to decline further.

Customers are virtually interacting with the banks through the Internet, ATM and Mobile. We are increasingly observing an increase in the ‘Digital Divide’ between the customer and the bank. Customers have gone ahead and embraced technology to have everything at their They are better and faster connected to multiple devices and desire a seamless connected experience. They would like to access real-time information and are increasingly open to letting everyone know about the products they like and don’t.

Since customer’s physical interactions with the bank have now reduced, banks are looking for a 360 degree view of the customer to effectively upsell/cross sell their other banking products & services and also for acquiring, retaining and to winning back customers. Banks need to transform from the traditional customer operations model of being ‘near to you’ to the increasing relevancy of being ‘next to you’! In a world of ubiquitous communications and contextual urgency, ‘next’ translates to an anytime, anywhere and any channel availability.

Tech Mahindra steps in as your Digital Transformation Partner by offering some robust solutions to enable Banks to successfully overcome outdated approaches and transform the traditional customer operations model into new Business models based on Digitization.

Tech Mahindra’s iNTELLIGENT Digital Experience Platform (iDEP) for the Banking industry precisely addresses this challenge by providing holistic intelligence i.e, a 360 degree+ view of an existing customer of a bank by capturing & analyzing Bank’s Internal Databases (CRM, MDM, etc), integrates it with external data (Social Media data, click stream, credit rating) and uses this integrated intelligence to Cross/Up sell products, acquire customers and provide best-in-class customer experience. 

Our Solution  

iDEP has an inbuilt Integrated Data Platform that extracts and transforms both structured (CRM’s) as well as unstructured (Social Media) data into a Single View of Customer (SVoC).  

SVoC forms the core of iDEP that helps to establish contextual and relevant messages for customers. iDEP leverages the SVoC coupled with multi-channel & multi-product portfolio (Mortgages, Insurance, Credit Cards, etc.) and runs personalized customer campaigns in real- time.


Time has becomes a premium commodity. Automation is taking over monitoring and controlling of ATMs remotely to drastically reduce operational expenditure for banks. This has the cascading effect of reduced downtime and greater customer satisfaction. ATM Monitoring solution enhances user experience by minimizing failure on account of critical assets, reduces operational expense and enables centralized monitoring and control of assets. 

Key features of this solution are security system, energy monitoring, room temperature monitoring, vibration detection for theft prevention, occupancy based light control, air-condition status monitoring, UPS and battery health monitoring, and trouble ticketing management system for alert notification.

Our Solution

We believe in Connected World Connected solution. A strong partner ecosystem backed by our co-innovation and co-creation strategy gives a wide range of capabilities. Some of our capabilities are consultation, program management, device procurement like home grown wireless sensors and communication gateways, scalable and inter operable platforms, analytical inputs for dashboards to report, application and device testing, device integration monitor and control of assets, automated trouble ticketing & alerts and managed operation support.

Key Benefits

We recently implemented ATM Facility Monitoring solution in the Africa region. During our POCs which was followed by implementation we have seen the following benefits 

  • Increased ATM uptime
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Centralized e-surveillance
  • Remote monitoring and control of assets
  • Easy preventive maintenance
  • Unmanned sites with enhanced security
  • Improved field force reaction




Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Case Studies

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