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Retail Banking

 Core Banking 
  • Tech Mahindra’s global strategic alliance partnership with Temenos enables us to be a one-stop-shop for banking solutions through the enterprise banking transformation framework 
  • Our expertise in Temenos competency houses a significant team of experienced associates engaged in different phases of core banking projects  like consulting, implementation, upgrade and data migration in T24 product suite 
  • We are planning to expand our bandwidth to 500+ resources to strengthen our competency on T24,  Payment (TPS), Wealth management (Triple A Plus and Wealth manager), Channels (Edge), BI & Risk (AML solution, Insight) 

Solution Offering 

  • Implementing Start the Bank by scalable and efficient Bank in a box framework on day one with low entry cost 
  • Bringing efficiency through Run the bank Offerings through upgrade, support and maintenance services   
  • Achieving Business transformation through consultative Change the Bank offerings 

Why choose Tech Mahindra? 

  • Faster time to market for  clients by adopting reusable, scalable, efficient enterprise solution model    
  • Best value delivered with limited Change on the Bank budget 
  • Quicker turn-around of solution through matured enterprise framework 


  • Flexible Bank in a box framework suitable for startup banks 
  • Proven Track record of integrating Core banking with other enterprise systems like ERP, CRM 
  • Matured laboratory for resource scalability for point & integration solution to address end to end requirements 
  • Expert team with an average of 5+ years of experience in multiple engagement of consulting, implementation, upgrade, data migration, testing & support in s suite of products 
  • Re-usable repository of test cases consisting of core banking functionality and processes 
Ever changing business trends like the rise of social media, growth of emerging markets, paperless banking, and generating offers at key touch points in real time are creating opportunities in the lending, mortgage and asset financing space.  The need is to develop automated, stable and reliable processes to secure more and better loans, with reduced cost of acquiring good customers. 

To achieve the above, we provide consulting services and pre-built frameworks in the lending, mortgage and asset financing space. Our solution provides time-to-market advantages and addresses rigorous business and IT needs with reduced cost and greater customer satisfaction. 

Our areas of Expertise 

  • Consumer Loans  
    • Auto Loans 
    • Unsecured Loans 
    • Educational Loans 
  • Mortgages  
    • Retail Mortgage 
    • Commercial Mortgage 
  • Corporate Loans  
    • Funded Loans   
    • Non-funded Loans  
Our Solution

Originate and service the loans and leases more quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk to your lending operations. Whether you're a high-volume originator or loan servicer, community bank, credit union or captive auto lender, our solution provides excellent customer value and minimizes organizational risk. The solution allows you to react more quickly to changing markets and consumer expectations. 

Tech Mahindra’s – ‘Banking on the Cloud - Origination platform’ is a comprehensive framework developed in partnership with Sales force. It can be deployed rapidly and securely for quick wins with one end-to-end product, lenders have access to their loan files from anywhere at any time. Some of the key benefits of the solution include. 

  • Reduced Cost and Investments by transforming from x to x model 
  • Reduced Operational Costs by reducing turnaround time with robust SLA tracking 
  • Information integrity with inbuilt data security and privacy needs 
  • Improved Customer Experience by integrating with multiple communication channels and keeping customer well informed on the application status 
  • Increase in agents productivity with in-built collaborative features helping relevant process owners to effectively contribute to the application processing 
  • Better Risk Management with integrated credit scoring and rating engine, payment gateways and integration to legacy systems 
  • Paper free Lending using Secure, electronic options streamlining loan processes throughout the lending life cycle  
  • Speed to market by providing flexible framework which helps business users configure the application as they want with changing market dynamics 
  • Faster and more visible ROI with reduction in application processing costs, accurate documentation, increase in volume of mortgage applications with less resources, transfer of ownership from IT to business and reduced time taken to make product & process changes 


Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Case Studies

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