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Tech mahindra

Sales Service Innovation

Our approach towards Customer Service Innovation helps clients in managing their sales & service activities to improve their top line and bottom line by providing various analytics & reporting tools which enhance the overall customer experience.

Why Choose Tech Mahindra? 

Our capabilities & thought leadership in creating assets such as risk visualization POC through TIBCO Spotfire, client on-boarding POC in SFDC, agenda management POC in SFDC, POC based on Semantics in collaboration with Cambridge Semantics 

  1. Benefits of reduced time to market , reduced cost to sales & services, and semantic based customer insights leads to enhanced to customer experience
  2. Our core value proposition is to provide CRM enhancements, visualized analytics through various visualization tools and standardizing of business processes by leveraging BIAN architecture 

Solution Offering

  • Extending the CRM tools beyond their traditional features, such as Agenda Management in SFDC and managing Advisor requirements through SFDC
  • Visualization tools through alliances like TIBCO and Tabuleau
  • Leveraging BIAN Architecture to componentize application development to improve better GTM and customer experience 
  • Alliances & Partners: Splunk, Tibco Spotfire and Tabuleau

    A large number of financial firms in mature markets are sitting tight on legacy core – constrained by budget pressures and perceived risks.  Increase demand from customer for Self-service through multiple channels & demand to cross sell across channels as experienced in today’s world can be addressed through applying Content/Process, Voice, Digital and BI/Analytics Technologies, leveraging Social Media for customer c accelerators & assurance tools for faster, better and cheaper process which help in common customer view (360 degree view including customer information, transaction information, payments systems, etc.). Changing approach to industry priorities demand efficient multi-channel sales & service solutions through IT optimization, customer centricity and innovation. 

    Why Choose Tech Mahindra? 

    Tech Mahindra offers a varied solution approaches like solutions frameworks to manage customer sales and service across channels leveraging  CRM, BPM, Analytics & Visualization tools,  create digital innovation solutions to manage & service customers through data, document and process management,   cost efficiencies by x to Opex conversion  through managed services offering through IT + BPO  to reduce back office operations cost. 


    • Co-ordinated and consistent approach to customer interactions across all lines of business and channels, aimed to improve customer experience and maximize profitability will provide near real time customer interaction information (demographic, transaction & service related) to Branch Advisors, On-line Banking, Mobile Banking, and Contact Centre Agents
    • Enable Intelligent Interaction: Innovations in sales & service leveraging Digital, Telecom, Content & Process Management, BI/Analytics, Semantic Tech
    • Reduce revenue leakage: Cross-channel & cross-technology Operational Intelligence using Big Data technologies
    • Reduce time, cost, risk: Cross-channel Customer Interaction Assurance  - leveraging  various tools
    • To help our customers achieve Operational & cost efficiencies through optimized multi-channel sales & services through Operations Intelligence and visualized reports 

    Alliances & Partners 

    TIBCO Spotfire,  Tabuleau, k, MSCRM, SFDC


    Integrated testing for multiple channels 

    The BFSI industry is continuously evolving in terms of customer service. The increased usage of multiple channels to deliver Sales and Service is leading to increased complexity and cost. Multiple set of technologies, legacy infrastructure and old style IT practices are adding to the challenges. Channel testing is yet another big challenge for IT to deliver channel related offerings at faster pace with high quality and low cost. Customer Interaction Assurance is an integrated testing solution covering all customer touch points such as ATMs, Online, Mobile, Branch applications, Contact Centre and more in a financial institution. This solution uses a standardized approach to bring high level of optimization and automation while ensuring full coverage. 

    Service Offerings and Key Differentiators 

    • Integrated Assurance offering across all Channels (Contact Center, ATM, Online, Mobile, Branch Applications)
    • Standardization and componentization using BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network)
    • Automation using In-house/Partnership tools and frameworks
    • Large repository of ready-to-use, reusable test scenarios
    • Managed award winning channels for some of the largest Banks in the world
    • Expertise in planning and execution of large assurance projects
    • Large pool of assurance and domain SMEs, self-sustained teams 

    Value Proposition 

    • Reduced OPEX through improved efficiency, standardization and componentization using BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network)
    • Major value delivered using model based automated test design:
      • Test creation time reduced by >50%
      • Coverage increased by 30-50%
      • Fault detection improved by 20-40%
      • End-to-end testing effort reduced by over 30%
      • Maintenance work decreased by over 50%
      • Automatic documentation by 100% 
    • Single enterprise wide Customer Assurance Management governance across channels  

    Our Frameworks   

    Model Based Testing 

    Model based testing significantly increases application quality by improving requirements, documenting the process of deriving test cases, and allowing for controlled test overage. Organizations that use model-based testing to embed quality into the requirements phase can streamline the subsequent phases of testing, acceptance and production. 

    Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN)

    BIAN sought to create an industry wide consensus regarding the architecture for banking IT systems that could improve agility and reduce cost. This vision assumes that banks can achieve the flexibility they require by implementing banking IT services that are semantic, standards based, and interoperable.


    Cost of ownership on Data Management

    Cost of ownership on Data Management

    Case Studies

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